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Enterprise version of PostureScreen

To serve the needs of larger facilities (gym franchises, clinic chains, and group practices with many therapists) we have created an easy method to use PostureScreen.

The limitations of the AppStore preclude one from sharing a purchase/subscription across different Apple accounts. meaning if your staff has their own devices, they would have to purchase PostureScreen and pay for the use themselves on their own device, you can not share your subscription purchased on your Apple account with them to their account.

PostureScreen Enterprise Solution Highlights

  • All Assessment Modules Unlocked:
    • PostureScreen
    • LeanScreen
    • SquatScreen
    • SitScreen
    • RemoteScreen
  • Administrative control of all access
  • Shared Cloud SyncScreen Access to allow uploading and downloading client files securely in a HIPAA compliant method
  • Admin control account creation /  revoking
  • Apple ID independent and use across any iOS device running iOS15 or later
  • Centralized billing for company
  • Easy distribution of PostureScreen, simply download the enterprise version for free on the Apple Appstore

The pricing will be as follows and is per login address (5 account Licenses Minimum)

  • 1 – 49 users – $14.50 USD per Login, per Month 
  • 50 – 249 – $13.00 USD per Login, per Month 
  • 250 – 499 – $11.50 USD per Login, per Month 
  • 500-999 – $10.00 USD per Login, per Month 
  • 1000+ – $8.50 per USD Login, per Month
  • Billed monthly to administrative account on file.
  • Each user device must use their own unique login credentials.
  • Attempts to share the same login account credentials on multiple device will be grounds for account termination and closure.
  • Minimum of 5 License must be purchased to begin
  • Online Cloud Storage will be free up to 1gb of storage. Each gb thereafter will be $5 USD/month

Notes about Enterprise Solution 

  • Minimum Purchase is 5 Users Per Month
  • Client data from normal PostureScreen versions can not be imported at this time, meaning if you have PostureScreen currently and have a database of clients, you will not be able to transfer these clients into the Enterprise version
  • Apple devices only.  Android is not yet supported
  • A12 chip iOS devices required with minimum of iOS15
  • NOTE: Data from the existing PostureScreen, LeanScreen, or SquatScreen applications from the AppStore can NOT be imported into the Enterprise version nor vice versa. Thus, if you originally started on the normal AppStore version of PostureScreen and later decide to move over to Enterprise version know they are different applications and the data can NOT be imported, you will be starting fresh with an Enterprise database for your business.
  • NOTE: Our company will sign a normal HIPAA Business Associate Agreement upon your request at any level of user account at or above five active users accounts for the organization (base level for Enterprise Enrollment). However, our company will not fill out any Risk Management Applications or additional legal documentation for any organization which is less than TWENTY active user accounts. Our company will only fill out this documentation after enrollment, not prior to enrollment.

Your company will need to secure a professional WebExercises Account if you plan on using exercise content.  This is supplied through WebExercises Directly. or email them at

PostureScreen Overview:

Video Tutorial on How to Setup your Account:

Setting up an Enterprise Account for PostureScreen

To Begin Sign up for your PostureCo Enterprise account, click here:

Setting up Additional Locations or User Accounts with PostureScreen Enterprise System, Video Tutorial Link:

Feature List Tutorials

Check out these informative tutorial links for more details: 
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11. Sample reports:

Our application is also available for Android devices, but with many less features.  Currently the Android version only allows for static 2-view posture analysis and only QuickScreen, no other features listed above.  To download the Android version, see: