Finally, Fast Objective Functional Movement Assessment!

Functional Assessments

Perform fast and objective overhead squat functional screens for lateral, AP and PA views.  Additionally, perform Pushup-Plank analysis. Many more screens coming soon!

Comparative Reports

Create stunning comparative movement assessments reports as well as side by side videos in mere seconds!

Remote Virtual Client Screenings

Use the client friendly application RemoteScreen to allow virtual assessments of existing and potential new clients and patients!  Fast and easy out of office remote  virtual assessments are finaly a reality!

Evidence Based Exercises

SquatScreen users  with a account can now access their exercise content and prescribe anywhere and anytime all through the easy to use exercise menu! Unique with the SquatScreen Module is the ability to link the assessment automatically to “Auto-Suggested” corrective exercises for the professional to choose from for their client which is specific to their analysis.

SyncScreen Cloud Sync & Backup

Use the SyncScreen HIPAA compliant cloud backup and syncing service to not only backup your database, but also give access to your all your iOS devices a common database..

LeanScreen Upgradable

In-App upgrade to LeanScreen 2D and 3D Body Composition Module to allow accurate photographic anthropometric body composition analysis, Waist Hip Ratio calculation, BMI, BMR, Lean Body Mass.

PostureScreen Upgradable.

In-App upgrade to PostureScreen and experience mobile objective posture analysis of your clients. Including 2 view, 4 view, QuickScreening assessments.

Report Branding Customization

Use the easy in-app upgrade module for editing your reports to add personalized customization and branding to match your own business.

Powerful, Professional, and Versatile.

Finally, Fast Objective Movement Screenings all on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch!

SquatScreen is a professional HIPAA compliant application geared for Strength and Conditioning coaches, Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Physical Massage Therapists, and other fitness professionals who wish to quickly and objectively evaluate the functional movement for clients.

Perform dedicated movement assessments such as the (AP) Overhead functional Squat assessment, Posterior view (PA) overhead squat assessment, Lateral view overhead squat assessment, and the Pushup-Plank screen.

Produce proper quantifiable objective measurement and documentation with a uniform assessment.  Quickly plot basic anatomical landmarks and the app predicts overactive muscles, underactive muscles, and possible injuries that could or may have occurred to result in this disfunction.

Assessment findings generate objective PDF reports and annotated jpg images, which can be uploaded to your EHR or other software systems.

Integrates with  If you have a account the app will automatically suggest a narrowed selection of exercise correctives.

SquatScreen is credit driven, and comes with 25 assessment credits.  After these 25 assessment credits are utilized you will need to purchase additional credits or subscribe to unlimited use through in-app purchasing system. Credits are as low as 15 cents each  when you purchase a 100 pack or utilize Unlimited Subscription for $199USD/year for unlimited use and all assessment modules unlocked such as PostureScreen and SquatScreen for up to 10 iOS devices under the same Apple account!

**Please note that not all features are available for Android platform at this time for details on both iOS and Android modules and more details on pricing and subscriptions, click here. Minimum Requirements: iOS 16 / iPadOS 16 and later  Augmented Reality Assisted  Assessments are ONLY available on iOS Devices and requires an A12/A12x/A13/A14/M1 and later Chip CPU based iPhone/iPad with an Unlimited Assessment Subscription. To Learn More, Click Here. 

PostureCo, Inc. software is protected under US Patent No. 8,721,567, US Patent No. 9,788,759, US Patent No. 9,801,550, US Patent No. 11,017,547, and US Patent No. 11,610,305 with Patents Pending Internationally

Available for Apple iOS

Document Objective Assessments in Seconds!

Powerful Assessment – Anywhere, Anytime

AP Overhead SquatScreen

AP Overhead Squat Assessment with on-screen annotation and markup

PA Overhead SquatScreen

PA Overhead Squat Assessment with on-screen annotation and markup

Lateral Overhead SquatScreen

Lateral Overhead Squat Assessment with on-screen annotation and markup

Single Leg SquatScreen

Single Leg Squat Assessment with on-screen annotation and markup

Push-up / Plank Screen

Push-up / Plank Assessment with on-screen annotation and markup

Identify Dysfuntional Muscle Groups

Aid the professional in predicting the over-active and under-active muscle groups to target for exercise corrective prescriptions.

Auto-Suggested Exercise Correctives

Users of WebExercises can now have auto-suggested exercise corrective content predicted for their review for exercise prescriptions.  Choose from any of our unique evidence based exercise protocols unique to your client’s findings.

Side By Side Movement Comparison Video

Select from any prior movement assessment to do side by side comparisions videos  in order educate the client on their movement patterns. Using annotation overlay tools you can snapshot any images to add to the normal comparision reports for the client as well as export the rendered side by side video so you can send to the client.

Movement Comparision Reports

Detailed side by side comparision reports for any movement screen are available to better document objectively the client’s progress with their corrective strategies.  These reports can easily be sent to the client via email or uploaded to electronic health records for better documentation..

Now with Augmented Reality Assistance!

Available for Apple iOS

Upgradable to LeanScreen and PostureScreen!

PostureCo, Inc. software is protected under US Patent No. 8,721,567, US Patent No. 9,788,759, US Patent No. 9,801,550, and US Patent No. 11,017,547 with other Patents Pending Internationally