Now with Computer Vision!

 The PostureRay® EMR software. now with Computer Vision,  is Patented X-Ray Analysis EMR based on all of our scientific research published by CBP® Non-Profit, and geared to chiropractors and other health professions where computerized spinal mensuration is needed to document patient care, educate your patient(s), all the while building your practice through better documentation.  No other EMR will improve your practice efficiency like the PostureRay® X-Ray EMR through better more thorough documentation along with better Report of Findings patient education.

Our software quickly aids the clinician digitization and measurement of spinal x-rays and helps them document abnormal deviations. Which means your patients can easily see exactly what corrections are necessary and track the progress of treatment, whether for spinal subluxations, scoliosis or a ligamentous injury secondary to traumatic event. The system even includes a “telestrator” function so you can draw as you demonstrate a patient’s spinal position giving for a dynamic report of findings (ROF) both natively as well in our online browser viewbox. The x-rays, analysis, and documentation are easily exported to Electronic Medical Records as pdf files, or JPG images. Just like any documentation system, the doctor is ultimately responsible diagnosis and for validation of measurements of the PostureRay® system and checking the digitization points prior to generating documentation for their patient. Posture Ray® is available for Windows 10/11, and is compatible with DMX and DICOM. Digital x-rays are not required but are suggested in DICOM format. With Posture Ray, you’ll save time while you provide better care, and with just one new patient a month, the system pays for itself. Starting at just $5999, financing is available with monthly payments as low as $199.  Add Posture Ray to your practice. The advantages are easy to See!

This system aids in reporting of clinical data  this leading to improved patient care, as well as allowing for production well written patient reports, impression reports, digital view box, quickview display during patient care, and clinical comparison reports.  Please note that PostureRay does not replace nor duplicate your x-ray acquistion and/or PACS software, and is intended as only a radiographic EMR to more easily reliably document objectively and add to your education during a report your findings.  

The PostureRay ChiropracticBioPhysics module is the ONLY system designed utilizing the original spine research data ultimately published and supported in top scientific peer-reviewed journals such as Spine, Journal of Orthopedic Research, European Spine Journal, JMPT, Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, & the Journal of Spinal Disorders & Techniques and many other journals and is used as an outcome tool by many scientific publications and others.  See Research Here.

Note: Computer Vision Assisted Digitization is only available while under technical support plans and only available with the CBP Technique version and currently available for only the lateral cervical spine including flexion, and extension.   PostureRay is protected under US Patent No. 11,610,305 

Computer Vision Enabled!

New Scientific Research Publication!

Sagittal Cervical Spine Landmark Point Detection in X-Ray Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks


Sagittal cervical spine alignment measured on X-Ray is a key objective measure for clinicians caring for patients with a multitude of presenting symptoms. Despite its applications, there has been no research available in this field yet. This paper presents a framework for automatic detection of the Sagittal cervical spine landmark point. Inspired by UNet, we propose an encoder-decoder Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) called PoseNet. In developing our model, we first review the weaknesses of widely used regression loss functions such as the L1, and L2 losses. To address these issues, we propose a novel loss function specifically designed to improve the accuracy of the localization task under challenging situations (extreme neck pose, low or high brightness and illumination, X-Ray noises, etc.) We validate our model and loss function on a dataset of X-Ray images. The results show that our framework is capable of performing precise sagittal cervical spine landmark point detection even for challenging X-Ray images.

A. P. Fard, J. Ferrantelli, A. -L. Dupuis and M. H. Mahoor, “Sagittal Cervical Spine Landmark Point Detection in X-Ray Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks,” in IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp. 59413-59427, 2022, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3180028.

Reliability & Validity!

Conclusion: This study reports a very high degree of intra- and inter-examiner reliability of radiographic line drawing methods and establishes concurrent validity of PostureRay® EMR software in determining angles and displacements of lateral spinal alignment as an equivalent method to the hand-drawn method.
Curr Med Imaging . 2023 Feb 6. doi: 10.2174/1573405619666230206155900.

Patented Technology

PostureRay Computer Vision A.I. is protected under US Patent 11,610,305

The Best Professional Documentation

As a chiropractor, you must document your x-rays, now you can spend less time, and generate reports for both your records as well as patient education. PostureRay is the original and most robust x-ray report of findings software.  You can easily customize for your unique facility branding as well! Don’t be fooled by imitation  providers on the market, our software is not only the original, but is also the most robust!

Leading Chiropractic Techniques

Our software was created with the leading technique leaders and is the only software endorsed and  recommended by the technique leaders of Chiropractic BioPhysics, Orthospinology, and CLEAR techniques.  Technique modules are not interchangeable.

Best Report of Findings

The PostureRay viewbox allows for side by side comparisions to near normal x-rays, with annotation and markup tools, along with easily calling up the patient’s segemental values compared to normal.

Compatible with many x-ray formats

PostureRay can import DICOM, DMX videos, and photos of plain film x-rays in form of jpeg format.

Your ViewBox Anywhere!

While under a normal technical support agreement, you will have access to a secure portal online for your patient education.  We call this the “virtual View Box” and is online and broser based. These features are only available  for the CBP Tecnicque version and when a user is covered under active technical support plan.

Frequently Asked Questions about PostureRay.

Quite simply, PostureRay® is a quick and easy radiographic EMR solution specific to today’s chiropractor  that requires spinal displacements objectively measured and reported on x-ray. Chiropractors have a long history with measuring subluxations by hand on an x-rays utilizing a protractor, pencil, and specialized plastic templates. Unfortunately, with today’s migration to digital radiography, there are no adequate systems to meet the challenges of easily measuring subluxation, while reporting and educating today’s chiropractic patient.  That is, until PostureRay®.  The software that comes for x-ray acquisition with digital systems is quite ill-equipped to meet these demands. PostureRay® fills this niche. PostureRay® analysis must be interpreted by the doctor and the doctor needs to verify all digitization markings, just as he/she would if they measured films by hand.  Please note that PostureRay does not replace nor duplicate your x-ray acquistion and/or PACS software, and is intended as only a radiographic EMR to more easily reliably document objectively and add to your education during a report your findings.  
PostureRay is the only x-ray documentation software endorssed, recomennded, and designed by leading technique leaders.

  1. Chiropractic BioPhysics – Dr. Deed Harrison
  2. Orthospinology – Dr. Bo Rochester
  3. CLEAR – Dr. Dennis Woggon
YES! PostureRay® is the ONLY software licensed by Dr. Harrison to overlay these copyrighted lines.  Further, these normal lines are superimposed on the patient’s x-rays themselves in accordance to the published research.   The Harrison Ideal Spinal Model has been published and supported in the best orthopedic and chiropractic journals in the world such as Spine, Clinical Biomechanics, Journal of Spinal Disorders Technique, Journal of Orthopedic Research, European Spine Journal, Clinical Anatomy, JMPT, JCCA., and the Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

Fortunately, today’s chiropractor has a new and easy way to quickly measure, document and educate patients about their health abnormal spinal displacements.  The PostureRay® system is a unique EMR system specific to radiography which will aid the doctor in accomplishing today’s extensive documentation demands, all the while saving time.

So if you are Sick and Tired of marking your x-rays by hand?  This radiographic EMR system will aid the clinician in quickly recording subluxations, aiding in the documentation necessary for patient care, but also generate well written patient education reports, both initial and comparative as well as impression reports. Once the x-rays are digitized, the doctor has at his fingertips a unique digital view box to annotate and educate patients during their report of findings consultation.

The PostureRay® system grew out of the general research acquired from CBP Non-profit.  During these research projects a method of x-ray mensuration was invented by Dr. Harrison et al. which served for the basis of PostureRay®.  The science that aided CBP researchers to measure and validate the Harrison Spinal Model was used in PostureRay®’s development.  Next a friendly graphical user interface and reporting system was invented to meet the EMR demands of today’s clinician.

Our system is the ONLY software available to make use of the elliptical modeling algorythms licensed and protected by CBP Seminars. This software and all reporting methods are protected internationally by CBP Seminars, as well as by  copyright and trademark law registered to PostureCo, Inc.

No. PostureRay® retrieves dicom images from a dicom root folder. PostureRay is NOT a PACS nor acquistion software. What that means is that if you utilize digital x-ray or receive DICOM files from a 3rd party, you will still be required to use the FDA cleared acquisition DICOM viewing software shipped with your x-ray system. You still need image archiving software for your digital x-ray system, as PostureRay is an EMR system only, not made to replace a PACs. After the DICOM file is captured by that software, it can be exported and interpreted by the PostureRay® system.  Most 3rd party acquisition software interfaces well with PostureRay® exporting DICOM or JPEG images which our EMR system can import. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact a customer service representative at
No. PostureRay® can utilize images from ordinary digital cameras utilizing a unique calibration method which has already been tested by CBP researchers to insure validity and reliability by today’s practicing clinician. This scientific paper is currently in preparation for submission to a major indexed journal. Our findings indicate that the PostureRay system is as accurate and reliable as the system CBP researchers utilized in all spinal modeling and x-ray reliability research.  After all, it was developed with the aid of the same doctors!
Yes! The PostureRay system incorporates a unique calibration system to ensure the upmost accuracy when importing DMX studies from DVD media or the newer mpeg formats.
No, we do not.  Our software was made and born out of spinal modeling research, and a way chiefly used to better educate your patients with better documentation. We suggest that if you want someone to perform this service, it should be a radiologist that understands spinal biomechanics, and we feel the radiologist needs to have the PostureRay system and they need to be the one to validate the digitization markings and base their medical/chiropractic read on their own read of the original x-rays from a PACs or plain films along with the digitization. The radiologist, not the referring doctor, should have their name and reading doctor would need to sign off on the reports. PostureCo only provides the EMR system and training and recommends that doctors do it themselves in their own office for ALL their patients, regardless of the mechanism how they pay for care in your office – PostureRay is an EMR, and should be used to help document care of all your patients.

PostureCo, Inc. software is protected under US Patent No. 8,721,567, US Patent No. 9,788,759, US Patent No. 9,801,550, US Patent No. 11,017,547, and US Patent No. 11,610,305 with Patents Pending Internationally