PostureRay Annual Technical Support Plans

What does a Technical Support Maintenance Plan cover:

  1. Unlimited Software Updates when available. You will need to simply schedule for your software to be updated.
  2. Unlimited technical support. When problems arise related to PostureRay, immediately come into the technical support portal Monday through Friday 9am-5pm EDT for technical support on walkin basis or schedule a time that is convienant. Please note this is software technical support does not include “one to one” remote software training sessions. Support is for fixing errors of software, troubleshooting issues related to proper use, and updates to newer software. One to One remote training sessions are billed at $150/hour for software training on proper use. Further, technical support plans do not include case review nor clinical feedback from our team, and this includes Dr. Ferrantelli. PostureCo, Inc does not supply “Clinical Support Advice” on patient care or review of your records where PostureRay was utilized.
  3. Computer Vision Digitization Modules:
  4. Online Browser Based ViewBox:
  5. Online Secure PostureRay database and PostureRay image backup (not backup of your PACS)
  6. Cost for Technical Support Maintenance Plan: $125USD/month -OR- discounted to $1250/year when paid annually. If paying monthly $125/month a one year commitment is minimum before cancellation. If cancelling prior to the fulfillment of the one year commitment, the remaining balance will be collected for the initial year. ($1500-amount paid monthly)

NOTE: Technical Support Maintenance Plans are Optional. Technical support plan is included with the first year of purchase of the PostureRay software. PostureRay will continue to operate without technical support, however, the features above will not be accessible. Should you need technical support when out of support plan, the cost is $150/hour for support. If your software version has been discontinued for support or you would like to upgrade to latest software version off of a support agreement, the cost is $899. To see a list of supported versions and End of Life please see: