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True Evidence Based Posture Analysis Software

1, 2 or 4 View Posture Analysis

Accurately measure angles and linear distances of  posture displacements and documentation for clinical assessments!


Comparative Reports

Create stunning comparative posture assessments in mere seconds!

Great for Marketing Events

Use QuickScreen for quick express lateral analysis and generate an assessment in less then 10s!

Seated Desk Analysis

Use SitScreen module for accurate and precise seated lateral analysis of your clients to better evaluate work ergonomic environments.

Remote Virtual Client Screenings

Use the client friendly application RemoteScreen to allow virtual assessments of existing and potential new clients and patients!  Fast and easy out of office remote  virtual assessments are finaly a reality!

SyncScreen Cloud Sync & Backup

Use the SyncScreen HIPAA compliant cloud backup and syncing service to not only backup your database, but also give access to your all your iOS devices a common database..

LeanScreen Upgradable

In-App upgrade to LeanScreen 2D and 3D Body Composition Module to allow accurate photographic anthropometric body composition analysis, Waist Hip Ratio calculation, BMI, BMR, Lean Body Mass.

SquatScreen Upgradable.

In-App upgrade to SquatScreen and experience mobile functional movement assessments of your clients. Including Lateral, AP, PA Overhead Squat, Pushup-Plank, and free form video for annotation and goniometric overlay analysis

Report Branding Customization

Use the easy in-app upgrade module for editing your reports to add personalized customization and branding to match your own business.

Prescribe Evidence Based Exercises

PostureScreen users  with a account can now access their exercise content and prescribe anywhere and anytime all through the easy to use exercise menu!

True 3D Mobile Scanning

Using PostureScreen with the Structure Sensor on supported iPads, allows for true 3D full body scanning.  Imagine having ability to see a true replica of your client in real 3D, and visualize from any perspective.  Easily export 3D models of clients to supported software.

Powerful, Professional, and Versatile.


If you are a Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Athletic Trainer, Fitness Trainer/Professional or Massage Therapist who routinely performs postural and functional movement assessments and screenings on prospective patients after workshops, health talks, spinal screenings, or in office clinically, then PostureCo’s PATENTED PostureScreen Mobile is for you!

This tool is intended to be a quick yet objective postural and movement screening tool in which you can quickly render findings to prospective patients, capture patient demographics, and print or email the prospective patient their findings.   Additionally, you can deliver state of the art custom postural and functional exercises to your patient using secure WebExercises (iPhone and iPad Only).

PostureScreen Mobile has been shown to very reliable in a recent research study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science.

Your investment begins with $39.99 from iTunes AppStore or $19.99 from Google Play AppStore. Very small fee via in app purchase modules and for full features ranging in price for examination credits(as low as 15 cents per assessment or unlimited subscription use for up to ten iOS devices for as low as $15/month with all modules unlocked).  Nothing is as as powerful and so inexpensive!

See why the PostureScreen Mobile  is the most popular and fastest growing posture analysis examination software on the market!

**Please note that not all features are avaliable for Android platform at this time.

Clients Assessed

Assessments Performed

Powerful Assessment – Anywhere, Anytime

[Conclusion] PSM is a widely available, inexpensive postural screening tool that requires little formal training. To maximize inter- and intra-rater agreement, postural screening using this mobile application should be conducted with subjects wearing minimal clothing. Assessing static standing posture via PSM gives repeatable measures for anatomical landmarks that were found to have substantial or almost perfect agreement. Our data also suggest that this technology may also be useful for diagnosing forward head posture.

. 2016 Dec; 28(12): 3398–3402.

Powerful Assessments always in your hand


Posture Comparisons

Select from any prior postural assessment to do side by side comparisions in order to track changes in your client’s posture.  All joint angles and linear displacements including predicted head weight forces are compared.


Posture Trend Analysis

The Posture Trend Analysis is a great way to track a client’s long term postural assessments to guage trends and changes over time..

Upgradable to LeanScreen and SquatScreen!

**Please note that not all features are avaliable for Android platform at this time.