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RemoteScreen – How to set up and use.

RemoteScreen is a companion application for clients/patients to securely share their photos and videos to their healthcare or fitness professional securely.

This is a free application for the client to use and available on both iOS and Android appstores.  The healthcare or fitness professional will need to have both the Unlimited Usage Subscription along with a SyncScreen subscription in order to enable their RemoteScreen option.  The professional can only use the iOS version of PostureScreen, LeanScreen or SquatScreen – the RemoteScreen does not work with the android version of PostureScreen at this time.

Learn More about SyncScreen Cloud Backup:

Learn More about Unlimited Subscription:

Once you have BOTH the Unlimited Subscription and SyncScreen Cloud subscription you are ready to have your client download and install RemoteScreen.

If they are an existing client, you can simply open their client screening page on your PostureScreen, LeanScreen, or SquatScreen, and then send them an invitation email

Direct links to AppStores
Download from the App Store:
or the Google Play store:

This is a basic setup of the RemoteScreen client application.
Video Tutorial:

RemoteScreen Set up basics Tutorial (Patient/Client Application)