Valid and Reliable Photographic Body Composition Analysis on iOS!

(LeanScreen is an assessment module within the PostureScreen platform)

Photographic Body Composition

Accurately measure Body Composition using Patented photographic anthropometry! Measure Percent Body Fat from Photos!

Waist Hip Ratio

Calculate Waist Hip Ratio quickly using our Fast and Efficient  2D photographic methods  Also Calculate BMI, BMR, Lean Body Mass.

Comparison Reports

Easily calculate comparisions for progress updates for your clients as well as display LeanScreen Trend Analysis showing their changes over time!

Remote Virtual Client Screenings

Use the client friendly application RemoteScreen to allow virtual assessments of existing and potential new clients and patients!  Fast and easy out of office remote  virtual assessments are finaly a reality!

Cloud Backup & Virtual Assessments

Use the our HIPAA compliant cloud backup service to not only backup your database, but also allow for client virtual assessment uploads through our RemoteScreen app.

Report Branding Customization

Use the easy in-app upgrade module for editing your reports to add personalized customization and branding to match your own business.

Prescribe Evidence Based Exercises

LeanScreen  users  with a account can now access their exercise content and prescribe anywhere and anytime all through the easy to use exercise menu!

Use the Same Photos from your Posture Assessment

oMake streamlined use of your posture assessments by using the exact same photos you took for that assessment and then re-digitize them for Body Composition Analysis!

Powerful, Professional, and Versatile.

Introducing LeanScreen, the groundbreaking assessment that revolutionizes body fat estimation and waist-to-hip ratio calculations! Say goodbye to time-consuming measurements and unreliable calipers. With LeanScreen, fitness professionals, gym franchises, nutritionists, dietitians, and healthcare experts like physical therapists and chiropractors can accurately assess their clients’ body composition for wellness and weight loss programs.

Using our cutting-edge anthropometric technologies, LeanScreen enables you to measure body dimensions in mere seconds, all from a simple photograph. 

Key Features:

  1. Precise calculation of percentage body fat using the Department of Defense Anthropometric Method.
  2. Accurate determination of waist-to-hip ratio (WHR).
  3. Calculation of basal metabolic rate (BMR).
  4. Convenient assessment of body mass index (BMI).
  5. Comprehensive measurement of lean body mass (LBM).
  6. Detailed analysis of fat body mass (FBM).
  7. Effortlessly generate professional PDF reports.
  8. Securely email password-protected (HIPAA compliant) PDF reports to clients.

Please note, we have depreciated support for the Structure Sensor in our application. 3D functions with the structure sensor will no longer be supported. Prior Assessments will remain in the application. Please utilize the accurate LeanScreen 2D Photographic Body Composition Module within PostureScreen

*PostureCo, Inc. software is protected under US Patent No. 8,721,567, US Patent No. 9,788,759, US Patent No. 9,801,550, US Patent No. 11,017,547, and US Patent No. 11,610,305 with Patents Pending Internationally


Based on Science and Research

  • LeanScreen 2D and 3D agrees with conventional measurement methods just as well as the conventional standards do to each other.
  • LeanScreen 2D photographic method demonstrated high agreement and can be used to benchmark client progress to BIA or Skinfold methods for Body Fat Percentage.
  • Using the LeanScreen 3D photonic scanning method utilizing the Structure Sensor, demonstrated Indirect evidence that LeanScreen 3D may agree with DXA better than BIA. 
  • The Waist-to-hip ratio, a sensitive marker of obesity and metabolic disease, LeanScreen 2D, and 3D were indistinguishable from direct tape measurement in approximately 85% of the population tested.
  • LeanScreen 3D may have high agreement with dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry for Body Fat Percentage.
Sensors (Basel). 2020 Nov; 20(21): 6165.

Available for Apple iOS

Powerful Assessment – Anywhere, Anytime

Photographic Anthropometric Body Composition

Using advanced patent pending photographic anthropometric technology, LeanScreen measures anatomical regions, and mathematically estimates circumferential dimensions leading to accurate body composition findings. Recommend Minimal clothing or tight fitting clothing for increased accuracy. 

Waist Hip Ratio

Using the 2D photographic methods, LeanScreen will predict Waist Hip Ratio which is can be used for an indicator of health and risk for certain diseases according to the World Health Organization.

Lean Body Mass

LeanScreen can calculate estimates of both Lean Body Mass as well as Fat Body Mass

Basal Metabolic Rate and BMI

LeanScreen can calculate additional measurement estimations of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) as well as Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Composition Comparisons

Select from any prior LeanScreen assessment to do side by side comparisions in order to track changes in your client’s body compostion, Waist Hip Ratio, BMI, BMR, and Lean Body Mass.

LeanScreen Trend Analysis

The LeanScreen Trend Analysis is a great way to track a client’s long term LeanScreen assessments to guage trends and changes over time..

PostureScreen and SquatScreen included!

**LeanScreen is not  avaliable for Android platform at this time.

PostureCo, Inc. software is protected under US Patent No. 8,721,567, US Patent No. 9,788,759, US Patent No. 9,801,550, and US Patent No. 11,017,547 with other Patents Pending Internationally