We are thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with 3D Practice, a renowned animation company specializing in educational content for chiropractors and physical therapists. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the educational experience in these fields.

3D Practice provides a robust cloud-based ROF software designed to enhance patient understanding of chiropractic care. The user-friendly software is accessible from any desktop, laptop, or tablet within your office. It also includes comprehensive training and support for all office staff, ensuring seamless implementation and utilization.

      Key features of the 3D Practice software include:

    • Integration with PostureScreen for easy on the go patient education with reports, providing visual representations of conditions, nerve charts, and treatments. See the tutorial on the PostureScreen Animation  integration by clicking here.
    • A comprehensive library of 3D animations, showcasing conditions, nerve charts, and treatments.
    • Creation of reusable exercise plans and care plans branded with your practice name and logo, which can be directly texted or emailed to patients.
    • Direct texting or emailing of 3D animations with voice narrations to patients, fostering better patient engagement.
    • Customization of a playlist of 3D animations with voice narration for your reception room, creating an immersive and educational waiting experience for patients.
    • Posting of 3D animations and videos directly to your office website and social media platforms, expanding your reach and educating a broader audience.
    • Utilization of the Interactive 3D Spine to demonstrate patients’ unique spinal curves, enhancing their understanding of their condition.
    • Range of Motion animations to illustrate pre- and post-injury ranges, enabling patients to visualize their progress.