PostureScreen – Your First 2-View Posture Assessment

Your First PostureScreening

The following tutorial videos will demonstrate how to setup and properly perform a PostureScreen exam.
Please note for an effective assessment, it is recommended to have the client in the most revealing clothing as possible.  For example, tight gym clothing and sports top for women is preferred over clients wearing a baggy t-shirt.  If the clothes are baggy, we recommend using clothes pins to ‘tighten up’ the clothes against the body, to better reveal the body margins for analysis.  However, gym attire where body margins are clearly defined is obviously preferred. In the following example, the client is in clothing, but it is still suitable to assess landmarks.  For clinical use, tight fitting clothing is recommended for proper, uniform and reliable  assessments. In the following video, the clothing is not optimal but used simply to show the user how to work through the application.

A sample 2-View PostureScreen report is attached below.

This is an example walkthrough of an initial examination on the iPad.
video link:

Here is a basic 2 view assessment on an iPhone or iPod Touch
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