PostureScreen Pricing

The PostureScreen on iOS devices the application is $49.99USD one time purchase which comes with 25 assessment credits for using with the posture assessment module.  This allows up to 25 manual posture assessments.  When you get to zero credits, you will need to either purchase additional credit packages, or enroll into a subscription, whichever is best suited for your needs. You will need an iPhone or iPad running iOS16 to download and install the latest version of PostureScreen.  An unlimited assessment subscription which most professionals enroll with allows for us on 10 iOS devices which share the same Apple account and also includes all assessment modules along with unlimited use (Modules included: LeanScreen, SquatScreen, SitScreen, PainScreen, Comparative Reports, Editable Reports and Branding & Augmented Reality Assisted posture analysis for compatible devices).  Please note the Android version is limited features compared to iOS, limited to only 2 and 4 view posture assessments, no other modules nor access to Augmented Reality. The Unlimited Assessment Subscription is required for automated computer vision assisted digitization of posture and movement screens.  Your device will need to also be runnign iOS16 or later.  The price for unlimited assessment subscription on the iOS platform for PostureScreen is $19.99USD/month or $199USD/year.  Details for Unlimited Assessment Subscription can be seen here: 

**Please mid year of 2023, our applications will discontinue “pay as you go” credit and module purchase and switch exclusively to subscription only,  using the existing  Unlimited Subscription option to simplify the customer service experience. 

If you wish to have cloud storage for sharing between devices (optional) and for using RemoteScreen for clients/patients to upload their assessment images to be assessed by you (virtual assessments), the cost would be an additional starting at $9.99USD/month or $99USD/year.  This is covered in detail here:

As for corrective exercise content, this is provided as a service from a partner company  Once you have an account with them, you simply put your login credentials in the settings of our application, and then the application will find specific correctives that apply to the client/patient’s posture or movement assessments.  For this basic level of integration they charge $99USD/year.  Please see

The introductory tutorials can be found here for iOS version:

**Please note that not all features are available for Android platform at this time for details on both iOS and Android modules and more details on pricing and subscriptions, click here. Minimum Requirements: iOS 16  / iPadOS 16 and later for Apple devices. & Android 12 and later for Android Devices Augmented Reality Assisted Posture Assessments are ONLY available on iOS Devices and requires an A12/A12x/A13/A14/M1 and later Chip CPU based iPhone/iPad with an Unlimited Assessment Subscription. To Learn More, Click Here. 

PostureCo, Inc. software is protected under US Patent No. 8,721,567, US Patent No. 9,788,759, US Patent No. 9,801,550, and US Patent No. 11,017,547 with other Patents Pending Internationally

Augmented Reality Assisted Assessments

Augmented Reality Assisted Posture Assessments within PostureScreen for iOS are a “Game Changer” in efficient objective client / patient documentation.

Powerful Assessment – Anywhere, Anytime

[Conclusion] PSM is a widely available, inexpensive postural screening tool that requires little formal training. To maximize inter- and intra-rater agreement, postural screening using this mobile application should be conducted with subjects wearing minimal clothing. Assessing static standing posture via PSM gives repeatable measures for anatomical landmarks that were found to have substantial or almost perfect agreement. Our data also suggest that this technology may also be useful for diagnosing forward head posture.

J Phys Ther Sci. 2016 Dec; 28(12): 3398–3402.

Posture Analysis

4 view, 2 view and Quick Screen, Seated Assessments, Anywhere and Anytime and always in palm of your hand with PostureScreen!

Seated Analysis

SitScreen Module Available to allow for seated lateral desk assessments

Ergonomic Assessments

Use standing neutral posture analysis along with seated posture analysis to assist in better documentation for your clients

Posture Documentation

Posture Assessments generate PDF documentation which can be uploaded to electronic health records for patients

Comparitive Posture Analysis

4 view, 2 view and and Seated Assessments with SitScreen module can be used with the comparitive report module to better objectively guage a client’s response to your intervention.

Corrective Exercise Intervention

Easily link your WebExercises account to PostureScreen to assist in prescribing your corrective exercise programs.

Learn More about iOS and Android Features

Please note that not all features are avaliable for Android platform at this time for details on both iOS and Android modules and more details on pricing and subscriptions, click here.

Powerful Assessments always in your hand

[Conclusion] The posture mobile application has demonstrated strong rater reliability and preliminary evidence of construct validity. This application may have utility in clinical and research settings.

J Phys Ther Sci. 2018 Jan; 30(1): 31–36.


Posture Comparisons

Select from any prior postural assessment to do side by side comparisions in order to track changes in your client’s posture.  All joint angles and linear displacements including predicted head weight forces are compared.  Comparison reports are generated in PDF format as well as seperate annotated jpg images for uploading to electronic health records and client management systems.

Posture Trend Analysis

The Posture Trend Analysis is a great objective quantitative document to track a client’s long term postural assessments to guage trends and changes over time. Compare up to six posture assessments over time. A trend analysis is generated as a PDF document as well as annotated side by side jpg image for uploading to electronic health records and client management systems.

Movement Screen Comparisons

Any SquatScreen or Push-Up/Plank Screen can be compared to generate objective documentation in PDF format that can be shared with electronic health records or client management software.  Videos can also be displayed with side by side comparisions to better demonstrate qualitative movement changes in functional screen allowing for better care and client education.

Powerful Assessments always in your hand

[Clinical Significance] Work-related MSP (WRMSP) is a significant health problem among dentists and may be linked to the later development of vertebral deviations. PostureScreen analysis is a quick, yet objective postural and movement screening tool in which findings can quickly be rendered to prospective dentists, so that custom postural and functional exercises may be correctly practiced.

 2018 Jul 1;19(7):773-777.


WebExercises Integration

Integration with the WebExercises  iOS platform  to allow custom exercise content for easy exercise prescription to your patient or client. A WebExercises account is required for all exercise content integration.

Suggested Exercises

Save time by using the “suggested exercise” libraries that correspond to possible correctives based on specific movement screen findings or postural faults.

CBP Mirror Image Exercises

Exclusive integration with evidence based corrective postural exercises from Clinical BioMechanics of Posture a.k.a Chiropractic BioPhysics Technique.
DISCUSSION: Dental occlusion anomalies and posture pathological modifications can be inter -related. PostureScreen® Mobile app might represent a useful tool in the early diagnosis of dental occlusion pathology.

ranio. 2018 Sep 10:1-7.

Upgradable to LeanScreen and SquatScreen!

**Please note that not all features are avaliable for Android platform at this time. 

PostureCo, Inc. software is protected under US Patent No. 8,721,567, US Patent No. 9,788,759, and US Patent No. 9,801,550 with other Patents Pending Internationally