Pricing,  Apple Version  vs.  Android Version

Introducing our cutting-edge PostureScreen application, optimized for Apple iOS devices including iPhones and iPads. While we do offer an Android version, we wholeheartedly recommend the Apple iOS variant due to its exceptional capabilities.

The Apple iOS version sets itself apart with its remarkable feature set, including state-of-the-art Computer Vision auto-digitization, a comprehensive cervical Range of Motion module (with more ranges of motion modules in the pipeline), a dynamic movement screen module, and an innovative body composition module. What’s more, it seamlessly integrates with WebExercises, enabling you to effortlessly prescribe tailored exercises to your clients.

Elevating the experience further, the Apple iOS version seamlessly integrates with SyncScreen services. This functionality not only facilitates the effortless sharing of client data and assessments across multiple iOS devices, but it also unlocks the potential for virtual remote assessments through our dedicated RemoteScreen client-facing application.

In contrast, our Android version focuses only on posture assessments and manual landmark digitization, offering a more limited feature set compared to its Apple counterpart without computer vision.

For unparalleled sophistication, versatility, and efficiency, the Apple iOS version stands as the pinnacle of our PostureScreen application offerings.

Due to these feature differences, the pricing for iOS version starts at $59.99USD with an included 30 days of unlimited assessments. After 30 days of use, you must subscribe to either our $19.99USD/month or $199USD/year plan for Unlimited Assessment Subscription.  Android version, being less feature rich starts at $19.99USD for your included 30 days of use, and then $9.99USD/month or $99USD/year. Subscription allows for up to 10 devices under the same exact account and unlimited use.  Learn more about multiple device use by clicking here


For iOS version we also have SyncScreen cloud services, which is a cloud services for backing up your data, and allowing for not only the sharing of assessment and client data between your iPhones or iPads, but also unlocks Virtual Assessments with our client facing RemoteScreen app.  Pricing for this optional service starts at $9.99USD/month.  Learn More about SyncScreen Cloud Services here.

WebExercises Exercise content is hosted completely through their company.  You can view additional information here about the Posture Mirror Image Library of Exercises from CBP:

Modules listed below are available while covered under the Unlimited Assessment Subscription & Syncscreen Cloud Subscription.