End of Life Notification

Date Last Revised: June 10, 2020

**PostureRay Technical Support End of Life**

Soon, we are discontinuing PostureRay Technical Support for the oldest versions of PostureRay. Technical Support will be limited to PostureRay versions that natively run on Windows 10, as follows:

  • PostureRay version 22 released March 2016 is no longer eligible for Technical Support after May 2021.
  • PostureRay version 21 released July 2015, and all older versions are no longer eligible for Technical Support after July 31, 2020.
  • No Support will be given to customers using PostureRay on Windows 7 after July 31, 2020.  Additionally new PostureRay installations / software updates will only be performed on Windows 10 computers after July 31, 2020.  

What does this mean for you?

You may continue using older versions of PostureRay for as long as you like. However, we will no longer provide Technical Support past the end of life dates listed above. You may choose to upgrade to a modern version of PostureRay at any time. If you are currently using an older version, you will be excited to know that many essential updates have occurred since your version.

How do I find my PostureRay version number?

Open PostureRay and on the login screen near the bottom left you will find a “Version” label (see the screenshot below). The number following the letter “v” is the main version of your software. In the example screenshot, we show PostureRay version 24.

Why is this happening?

PostureRay is built for Microsoft Windows and the older versions of PostureRay are compatible with Windows 7. Microsoft’s Windows 7 lifecycle ended in January 2020. Microsoft has already discontinued its support of Windows 7, including security updates and paid support. Newer versions of PostureRay are built for Windows 10 and are not affected by this change.

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