Getting Started with PostureScreen, LeanScreen, SquatScreen


PostureScreen, LeanScreen, SquatScreen Basic Training Tutorials.

Setting up Application:

How to perform 2 – View Posture Analysis:

How to perform Advanced 4 View Posture Analysis:

How to perform a Photographic Body Composition:

How to perform Movement Assessments:

How to prescribe Auto-Suggested Exercise content using your WebExercises Subscription:

How to do “Tele-Assessments” with RemoteScreen:

Want to learn more, simply search our tutorials under keywords to find additional tutorials.  For example, on our tutorial site, if you would like to learn more on how to backup the application or use our Cloud system known as SyncScreen, simply type in search like Google “SyncScreen”  or “Backup” Click this link to get to our tutorials and knowledge base:
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