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PostureRay Minimum Technical Specifications

The following computer system and software specifications are the minimal requirements for the PostureRay® X-Ray software. Most new computers purchased within the last two years meet these minimal requirements, which include:

Minimum Stand-Alone PostureRay® Hardware Requirements:

Component                                                             Specification
CPUIntel Core i5 or Greater Recommended
RAM>8 GB Minimum Required
Storage>500 GB Available for Images and Reports
VideoMonitor at 2400×1600 Resolution or higher.
Optical DriveCD/DVD for Referring Physician Images
OtherHigh Speed Internet Connection – Broadband Cable or Fiber Optic Recommended

Minimum PostureRay® Software Requirements:

Component                                                             Specification
Operating System*Minimum Windows 10 Service Pack 1 Required with all existing general windows updates installed as well or Windows 11 with updates and patches. Professional Version for Windows 10 or Windows 11 with Current Patching Recommended for installations. For Networked version of our software, Windows 10/11 Professional version is required. Windows Professional is easily upgradeable and currently costs around $99USD if you are using a Windows Home Version.
PDF ReaderAdobe Reader DC
Internet BrowserMicrosoft Edge, Chrome, or FireFox
FirewallNetwork or Windows Firewalls must allow PostureRay to contact the Internet
OtherWindows .NET Framework 4.8 or later

* MAC users must have Parallels Desktop, Bootcamp or VMWare Fusion installed with a minimum of Windows 10 SP1 with all available updates installed. We do not support troubleshooting Virtual Machine software and only support PostureRay software.

Minimum PostureRay® Network Version Requirements (Computer Hardware is not sold nor maintained through PostureCo, Inc):

While it is possible to run the PostureRay Server software on a normal Windows PC running Windows 10/11 Professional it is not suggested. We encourage use of a real Server Hardware for an office, but leave this to the discretion of the IT professional who is advising you. Additionally, we always recommend hard wired connections when possible over WiFi. Note that for WiFi option, the router and connection must be very fast commercial grade level, but still not suggested. If the technical support team advises your WiFi is too slow, the network upgrade will be postponed and they will advise your office on having your IT professional hard wire with ethernet the connections to the router for all computers and x-ray computer. VPNs, Terminal Services and cloud based hosting solutions for servers are not supported by PostureCo technical support team. PostureRay installed in these environments will not be supported.

Component                                                         Specification
ServerSee Hardware/Software Specifications Above. For a Stand-Alone Server, for networked server, Windows Server 2016. Windows Server 2019/2022 recommended
Marking Station/Viewing StationSee Specifications Above. Can be PC, Laptop, or Tablet Computer
NetworkStandard TCP/IP Networking. NOTE – Wired Networks Preferred for Stability and Speed
Remote ConnectivityNOTE – Terminal Services are not Supported!

Other optional Equipment not sold or maintained through PostureCo, Inc.

Component                                                             Specification
PrinterColor Printer Recommended
DICOM x-ray Scanner*Scan X-Rays into .DCM Format. DICOMS should be 12- 16 bit High Quality JPEG2000 Compressed
Digital Camera3 Megapixel or Better Digital Camera – NOT PHONE CAMERA
X-Ray Digitized Machine*Connectivity to a CR and/or DR Imaging System that uses PACS. Important Message: PostureRay is not a PACS Receiving Software

* Images must be *.JPG, *.BMP, or true DICOM with *.DCM extensions

Sample Examples of Workstation and Servers. If you have questions, please consult your IT professional and have them reach out to our company via email The following are what we recommend as of May 1, 2024. These serve as an example of what we recommend. Please make sure all windows updates are applied and your server and workstations are hard wired (preferred unless your WiFi is business class bandwidth and work stations all have static IP addresses assigned)

If you do not have an IT professional and would like to consult IT Professionals and contract with them that understand our software, consider Blue Link Consulting

Suggested Server Option:

Dell Power Edge Server Tower T150 Suggested Configuration:

Dell Workstation Suggestion: