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PostureRay Lines of Mensuration (CBP)

Cervical Spine

  1. Lateral Cervical, Flexion, extension
    1. CBP Ideal Cervical Elliptical Model Overlay
    2. Atlas Plane Line (C1-Horizontal)
    3. Relative Rotational Angles (RRA)
    4. Absolute Rotational Angles (ARA) Global and Segmental Net Summation
    5. George’s Line
    6. Ruth Jackson C2-C7
    7. Segmental Translations (spondy, Retros)
    8. Cervical Spine Translation C1-T1; C2-C7
    9. C7/T1 Posterior Tangent to Vertical
    10. T1 Endplate to Horizontal
    11. ADI
    12. Posterior Body C2 to APL
    13. Chamberlain’s Angle
    14. Cervical Tilt Angle
    15. Power’s ratio
    16. Basilar Invagination (Macrae’s Method)
    17. Posterior Tangent Sternal Incidence Angle
    18. Sella Turcica to Manubrium Offset
    19. C0-C1 Chamberlains to APL 
    20. C0-C1 Instability Analysis
    21. C2-C7 Instability Analysis (RRA & AMA Guides)
    22. Penning’s Assessment for Instability
    23. C7 Centroid to S1 Posterior Superior Margin on Fullspine
    24. T1 Posterior Inferior to S1 Posterior Inferior Margin on Fullspine
    25. CBP C1-S1 on Fullspine
    26. Spinal Canal Diameter at C1
  2. APOM
    1. C0-C1 Lateral Flexion Angle
    2. C1-C2 Lateral Flexion Angle
    3. C2-C3 Lateral Flexion Angle
    4. C1-C2 Overhang Margin (neutral and lateral ending views)
    5. C2 Axial Spinous Rotation Angle
  3. AP Cervical
    1. Scoliosis Assessment: Cobb
    2. Scoliosis Assessment: Risser-Ferguson Angle
    3. Translation of Apex relative to plumb
    4. C2/3 translation relative to C7 or lowest vertebrae digitized
    5. Lower Cervical Rotational Angle to vertical
    6. Cervico-Dorsal Angle
    7. Harrison Modified Ferguson Assessment
    8. Translation C2 relative to lowest digitized vertebrae
  4. Nasium
    1. Cervico-Dorsal Angle
    2. C1-C2 Overhang Margin
    3. C2 Spinous Rotation
    4. Upper Angle
    5. Lower Angle
    6. Translation C1- relative to lowers digitized vertebrae
    7. Harrison Modified Ferguson Assessment
  5. Vertex
    1. C1 Rotation

Thoracic Spine

  1. AP Thoracic
    1. Scoliosis Analysis: Cobb
    2. Scoliosis Analysis: Risser-Ferguson
    3. Harrison Modified Ferguson Assessment
    4. Clavicular Angle to horizontal
    5. Translation T1-T12, T2-T11 or T3-T10 or to lowest digitized vertebrae
    6. Translation to Apex (Scoliosis)
  2. Lateral Thoracic
    1. Translation T1-T12, T2-T11, T3-T10
    2. ARA T1-T12, T2-T11, T3-T10
    3. Relative Rotational Angles
    4. George’s Line, Segmental Translations (Spondy Retros) & Instability Analysis
    5. Harrison Ideal Thoracic Elliptical Model

Lumbar Spine

  1. Lateral Lumbar
    1. Absolute Rotational Angle L1-L5
    2. Relative Rotational Angles
    3. Sacral Base Angle
    4. Pelvic Tilt
    5. Pelvic Incidence
    6. Posterior Tangent Pelvic Incidence Angle
    7. George’s Line, Segmental Translations (Spondy / Retros) & Instability Analysis
    8. Harrison Lumbar Ideal Elliptical Model
  2. AP Modified Ferguson Short Leg Analysis
    1. Scoliosis Analysis: Cobb
    2. Scoliosis Analysis: Risser-Ferguson
    3. Horizontal Base Angle
    4. Femur Unleveling
    5. Sacral Base Unleveling
    6. Pubic Symphysis to S2 Rotation
  3. AP Lumbar
    1. Harrison Modified Ferguson Assessment
    2. Scoliosis Analysis: Cobb
    3. Scoliosis Analysis: Risser-Ferguson
    4. Translation to Apex (Scoliosis)
    5. Translation upper digitized Vertebrae to S1
  4. Lateral Full spine
    1. Sagittal Balance C1-S1, C7-S1, T1-S1
    2. All ARA and RRAs with Segmental and Global Translations
    3. Harrison Ideal Fullspine Model