PostureScreen General Application Info

PostureScreen is a professional app available on Apple iTunes AppStore or Google Play Store.  The Apple version for iPad and iPhone is the preferred fullest featured version.

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PostureScreen includes various optional modules for adding functionality when needed. The iPad application allows for posture analysis (both seated at a desk and standing 2 view and 4 view assessments), body composition analysis from photos (As well as 3D body composition analysis with Structure 3D scanner) and movement screens such as overhead squat and pushup-plank. New in version 10 of PostureScreen is Automatic Posture Assessments using Augmented Reality on Supported devices (see below for more information). The great part of the system is that after the assessments are performed, you can tie it in with a WebExercises account to allow Auto-Suggested Corrective Protocols! 

When you download and purchase PostureScreen for $49.99USD in AppStore, it comes with 25 assessment credits.  This allows you to do 25 assessments.  When you get to zero credits, you will need to either purchase additional credit packages, or enroll into a subscription, whichever is best suited for your needs. You will need an iPhone or iPad running iOS16 to download and install the latest version of PostureScreen.

To Download PostureScreen Mobile now from the iOS AppStore:

Download and Install Now

The Unlimited Subscription allows you to forgo paying for credit packages and one time purchases of modules.  Credits are tied to each device and can not be shared.  So a subscription is a good way around this Apple AppStore limitation of consumable purchase, and in addition allows up to 10 iOS devices under the same Apple ID to use the software. For using Augmented Reality Automatic Posture Assessments, you will need to be under an Unlimited Use Subscription. See more here:

Credits on the other hand are limited by having to be purchase on every device.  They don’t expire but limited to one iOS device.  If you use credits, you must also purchase modules to unlock those features.  The Unlimited Subscription includes the additional assessment modules for no additional charge while under subscription.
Here is how credits if you use them are spent:

SUPPORTED DEVICES: We suggest that your iPhone or iPad is running iOS16. If you do not have the latest operating systems, you will not gain access to the latest versions of our applications which depend on the operating system on the device and is controlled by Apple. Starting in version 10 of our applications iOS16 is required. For Automated Assessments via Augmented Reality you will need an iPhone or iPad that is running iOS16. Learn more about Augmented Reality support here:

Video Link Subscription Vs. Credits:

The other optional subscription we offer is for our cloud multi device database backup and sync service.  So if you have more then one device, you can access patients uploaded to a common merged cloud secure database.  See more on SyncScreen here:

If you have both Unlimited Subscription and SyncScreen, you can use for free the virtual assessment tool called RemoteScreen with your clients.  Take a look at these tutorials:

TO Download PostureScreen from App AppStore, go to the following link on your mobile device:

Check out these informative tutorial links for more details: 
1. App Overview:

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3. Posture Analysis Walk Overview:

4. Movement Screen Overview:

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8. Quick Posture Screening for Outside Marketing Events:

9. Seated Posture Analysis for quick ergonomic evaluations:

10. RemoteScreen virtual assessments (It’s like “telemedicine” for assessments):

11. Sample reports:

Our application is also available for Android devices, but with many less features.  Currently the Android version only allows for static 2-view posture analysis and only QuickScreen, no other features listed above.  To download the Android version, see: 

Note Minimum Requirements for Apple devices is iOS16 or later. Android devices require Android 12.0 OS and later. Note that the Android features are limited to 2 and 4 view basic posture assessments and the Android version does not have many of the same features as our iOS version.