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Using PostureScreen on Multiple Devices (iOS)

PostureScreen (or LeanScreen or SquatScreen) apps can be used on multiple devices for no additional charge.

However, all devices need to be using the SAME Apple account. If so, you can use under a subscription unlimited and up to ten devices. However, if the devices are under different accounts Apple is going to charge you for the other accounts . Apple controls all of this completely. We are blinded to it all. So this is more info on the Unlimited Assessment Subscription:

As for sharing data (Apple iOS only), yes this can be done easily through our Subscription known as SyncScreen. In addition to backing up your data in a secure cloud, a SyncScreen account allows your clients use RemoteScreen to upload assessments performed outside your facility and remotely, which is great for new Client/patients marketing, and follow ups if a client is being trained long distance or via online or if they have fallen out of recommendations initially prescribed, you can now follow up with them and measure them objectively, all through our service.. Think, “Virtual Spinal Screening” . So to do this, please note, that it is not automatic the sharing between devices. You need to use SyncScreen subscription, create accounts for each user. Have the other devices logged in, and anytime a client is changed or updated, your staff need to push to the cloud. When a follow up exam is to be done, if your staff follows this protocol. they should just download the latest and then add to their exam on the other device, and then when they are done upload it back to the cloud so the latest records are in the cloud. This is how it works:

Here is more info for SyncScreen:

ENTERPRISE VERSION: If you a larger company with more 5 or more users and the Apple devices are not under the same Apple account, such if they wish to use their own iPad or iPhone, yet have the company pay for the expense, the Enterprise solution may be exactly what you need. To see the benefits, please visit: