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SyncScreen Error/Renewal

If you are having an issue and it appears that your subscription to SyncScreen was accidentally turned off and expired for your renewal, you can resolve it by the following.

Your subscription should not have expired, unless you went in and manually cancelled it with Apple.

Please do the following:

1. On the device that has the error, go to the device’s Settings app. This would be the Settings for the iPad or iPhone, not for PostureScreen.

2. In the Settings app scroll down to find the “iTunes & App Store” section. Tap it and make sure that you are signed into the iTunes & App Store with the Apple ID that you used to purchase your apps. Remember that Apple controls all of the purchasing and subscriptions, so this would be your account with Apple.

3. Once you verify that your device is setup to connect with Apple using the same Apple ID that you used to purchase our apps, then you can close out of the Settings app.

4. Open PostureScreen app and tap the “Upgrades” option from the left side menu. This Upgrades page connects to Apple so they can tell us which of our PostureScreen items you’ve purchased.

5. Scroll to the very bottom of the Upgrades page and tap “Restore Prior In-App Purchase”. This will force the connection with Apple and they will send us the most recent information about your purchases and subscription dates.

After the steps above have been completed your SyncScreen subscription should be refreshed with the correct expiration date. The steps above can be used anytime you notice issues with items you have purchased in the past. You can also use this when you get a new device so that almost* all of your purchases are transferred to the new device.