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SyncScreen Cloud Synchronization, RemoteScreen and Backup

SyncScreen Cloud Backup Subscription Service

  • Multi iOS Device Backup (iPhones, iPads, iPods) and Sharing/Manual Synchronization
    of Client Data (all devices need to be in same iOS and same app version)
  • Free Client/Patient App, RemoteScreen for offsite Virtual Spinal Screenings, Virtual Body Composition, and Virtual SquatScreens when you have SyncScreen and Unlimited Use Subscription. LEARN MORE 
  • Manually Merge databases on different iOS devices into one account (not automatic)
  • Save precious device space by offloading clients (especially those with movement screening videos) to the secure cloud.
  • Back up to HIPAA Compliant Cloud (if you are a healthcare facility, if you require a BAA signed by our company please email us at
  • SyncScreen Cloud does NOT limit you to only your Apple ID, other people you wish to share your clients with that reside in your organization can also share the cloud
  • Administrator has ability to remote wipe data on any device or account in cloud
  • This does not replace iCloud device backup. It is advised you also always use iCloud device backup and set iCloud to backup your device(s) daily.
  • NOTE: Data is stored on servers in the USA through Amazon Web Services. If your country has a provision that you can not store your data on servers starting in USA, please do not use these services.

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Sign up for SyncScreen Cloud now and get first 30 days for free.  All cloud storage access is unlocked as soon as you subscribe and register!  You will not be charged until the end of the 30 day free trial is over.  You must cancel this automatic renewal otherwise your subscription will be billed. Once billing period is started it can only be cancelled by contacting Apple customer service.  Your membership might renew if you don’t turn off Automatic Renewal more than 24 hours before your renewal date.  You can manage your subscriptions and renewal at any time in the iTunes Store under the Subscriptions section.


SILVER (25GB of storage)$9.99USD / Month$99.99USD / Year
GOLD (500GB of Storage)$19.99USD / Month$199.99USD / Year
PLATINUM (4TB of Cloud Storage)$49.99USD / Month$499.99USD / Year

How to sign up video link:

SyncScreen Cloud Setup – Creating your Administrator account
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Adding additional users to your SyncScreen Cloud Account:
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SyncScreen Cloud Downloading and Uploading Clients

In this tutorial we review the basics of the new update starting in version 11.4 of PostureScreen for iOS. With this new update, anytime you edit or update a client, add a client, or add an assessment to a client, they will automatically be queued for upload, making backup an automatic process.

Please note that the first time you upgrade your app to 11.4, you will see many if not all of your clients “Queued for Upload” and this is normal and expected. This doesn’t mean they are not in the cloud, it means the app is updating new parts of the update to that client for the update. Depending on your client list, the size of those files, and your internet speed, this make take a few minutes to even a few days to accomplish. The great news is that you simply continue using your app like normal.

Once the client list has uploaded to the cloud, the normal everyday function is simplified removing the need to always ‘remember’ to upload your client to the SyncScreen cloud after adding to their assessments or editing an assessment. In the below tutorial we will provide an in-depth look into the process.

Video Tutorial:

If you are using version 11.2 of PostureScreen or older, your backup process is completely manual process. If so, please follow the steps on this tutorial regarding manual uploading and backing up clients

Note: When you use PostureScreen, SquatScreen, or LeanScreen apps with SyncScreen across multiple devices, please make sure they are all on the same app version. If they are not, older versions of the application may not be able to see client data that was generated on newer versions of the application. SyncScreen does NOT merge client data automatically if they simply have the same name, this too must be a manual process to ensure two people with the same name are not accidentally merged. This does not replace iCloud device backup. It is advised you also always use iCloud device backup and set iCloud to backup your device(s) daily.

How to Re-Login to SyncScreen Cloud Service
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How to delete exams to make space on device, video link:

REMOTE WIPE Erase a Database
As an Administrator account in SyncScreen, you can remote wipe and effectively erase a former employee’s app database who has left your facility if they were using their own device, so the database for your facility is no longer accessible.  This is also valuable if the iPad or iPhone has been lost or stolen

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