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What Computer or TV is best for PostureRay?

Choice of Monitors best suited for PostureRay:

Often times, we are asked, what is best? There are many choices. As you already
know, most CAs and doctors can become quite efficient using their mouse. Most of our office do simply use a mouse.
However, when greater speed is required, we recommend the doctor upgrade to an
“artist monitor” pen driven (and sometimes also touch) monitor where you use a special pen to move the curse, mostly used by artists.

Video Tutorial:

For Digitizing:
Remember, a doctor or staff can ALWAYS just use a mouse when digitizing.
But when the doctor is about to move on from using the mouse only is to purchase a tablet driven device. Unlike the smaller counterparts on tablet laptops, large screens do NOT have both touch and pen
input (unless you pay a lot of money). They cheaper systems usually have only a “touch” screen, and if a stylus is provided it is essentially a waste because the technology is such that the screen will still respond to your touch of your arm/hand when you lay it on the screen, thus – unlike smaller tablets – the larger screens do not switch off touch unless you get a computer such as a Microsoft Surface Studio.. This is why most large screen all in one computers are only touch and mouse only, but do not use digitizer pen..
If you would like to add an external display to your existing computer that is pen driven you can search the Wacom website for the best artist monitors only are by a company known as There Cinitiq line is amazing, though is pricey and is ONLY the monitors.  They also now make computers like the Surface Studio as well which are nearly the same cost. So you need to do your research and decide if you wish to really spend that amount of money and will it save you enough time.   

When possible if you are in the market for a new computer that has best of both worlds, we suggest the all-in one new Microsoft Surface Studio.  It is the best of both worlds with a large 28″ screen and is a full computer.  They also have a wide range of Surface laptops that also have both touch and pen driven screens as well.  As for the Surface Studio, It is a little pricey though, but it works quite well and is what Dr. Joe uses now to demo PostureRay, such in this tutorial:

If your plan is to simply have a large display, you can use any computer and connect it to a large screen 4k TV which is very affordable, and that works fantastic for a report of findings room either with PostureRay on that computer using the native viewbox or you can use any internet device connected to the TV and use the browser based viewbox if you are on a technical support plan.

Be sure with any computer purchase you select a computer with at least Windows 11 home version but Windows 11 professional is suggested. You can always quickly upgrade Windows though if professional is needed for networking purposes.

Remember though “Touch Only” computer screens are fantastic for doing reports of findings, in viewbox however, you would not want to use them for digitizing. They are not accurate enough. Its best to use the mouse for digitizing if you have one of these computers.