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What is PostureRay?

Quite simply, PostureRay® is a quick and easy radiographic EMR solution specific to today’s chiropractor that requires spinal displacements objectively measured and reported on x-ray. Chiropractors have a long history with measuring subluxations by hand on an x-rays utilizing a protractor, pencil, and specialized plastic templates. Unfortunately, with today’s migration to digital radiography, there are no adequate systems to meet the challenges of easily measuring subluxation, while reporting and educating today’s chiropractic patient. That is, until PostureRay®. The software that comes for x-ray acquisition with digital systems is quite ill-equipped to meet these demands. PostureRay® fills this niche. PostureRay analysis must be interpreted by the doctor and the doctor needs to verify all digitization markings, just as he/she would if they measured films by hand.  PostureRay is not a PACS and does not replace your existing x-ray acquisition  nor PACS, rather it augments them as it is a radiographic EMR system. Always remember, as demonstrated in the tutorial videos, you always as the doctor must always validated the digitization using computer vision and/or when another associated doctor manually the xrays. The computer vision only saves time, it is in no means a replacement for your clinical decision making and you the doctor must always validate all markings regardless if utilizing the computer vision modules or with associate doctors, when and if you see any mis marked segments, it is your job to correct the anatomical location. Again this is not a replacement for clinical decision making. You must always validate the anatomical digitizations in all cases prior to making these part of your health care records for your patient. PostureRay’s purpose is to more easily generate clinical documentation as an EHR for radiography, but you as the doctor must always validate the measurements before making part of your clinical documentation no different then any other notes for patient care. Computer vision does not in any way replace clinical decision making.

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