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What is PostureRay?

PostureRay® is a radiographic documentation tool designed specifically for chiropractors. It addresses the need for objective measurement and reporting of spinal displacements on x-rays. Unlike other software, PostureRay has been tested for both reliability and validity and is used as a reliable tool in clinical research, see: 

Traditionally, chiropractors have used manual methods to measure subluxations on x-rays. However, with the widespread adoption of digital radiography, there has been a lack of adequate systems capable of measuring subluxations effectively. PostureRay fills this gap by providing a digital solution to this problem.

The analysis generated by PostureRay® requires interpretation by the doctor, who must verify all digitization markings. Regardless of whether computer vision modules and/or when associate doctors digitize x-rays, the doctor must always validate the digitizations to ensure correct documentation is obtained.  COmputer vision modules are not a replacement for clinical decision making in any way, and only serve to speed up the process of anatomical digitization for mensuration.

One common question we receive is whether PostureRay® is a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). The answer is no. PostureRay® is not a PACS and does not replace existing x-ray acquisition software or PACS systems. Instead, it serves as an additional radiographic documentation system that works in conjunction with these systems and standard clinical documentation software. Our software never replaces clinical interpretation as the clinician must always validate findings, rather, our software encourages efficiency.

Lines of Mensuration:

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