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Upgrade Notes for PostureRay

Preparing for a PostureRay Update:
1.     Make sure employee is present to login to technical support portal at the time scheduled. Please have them login to support at the scheduled time on all the PostureRay computers and make sure the technicians get complete control so as to install the software.  (Many times staff members connect and walk away before finalizing the connection).
2.     Must have ALL passwords for administrative accounts for Windows available.  This includes the server computer is you have a multi-computer networked installation of PostureRay
3.     PLEASE make sure your team knows we will be calling.  If you fail to put this upgrade on schedule, it could drastically delay getting your office rebooked for upgrade due to the volume of our clients.
4.     There will be no training with this update.  We have all the training videos searchable in our help desk.
5.     If you have a very large clinic or the computers are being utilized and the technician can not upgrade, the technician may be forced to schedule a follow up day to upgrade.
6.     If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.