UNLIMITED use Subscription option

We are proud to announce UNLIMITED Subscription for PostureScreen, LeanScreen, SitScreen and SquatScreen!  Get UNLIMITED Access to modules and unlimited use for up to 10 iOS devices! when you switch to a subscription plan.*  All devices MUST be using the same Apple ID and must have purchased the application under the same Apple ID.  Android devices are not supported by an unlimited subscription purchased on iOS platform.

Our users now have a choice. In addition to the credit method that countless users have used since our release in 2010, we have been asked to develop a simple “Subscription” method for unlocking modules and use for those that are busier.  So if you are a busy franchise or office with multiple iPhones or iPads using PostureScreen? If Yes, this plan is for you!

Now you can unlock ALL modules for up to 10 iOS devices for the same low monthly subscription of $19.99USD/month (or $199.99 USD/year when you purchase a year a time) when you use the SAME Apple ID. No longer will you run out of credits during an examination or busy marketing event!  Perform unlimited Movement Screens such as SquatScreen, Unlimited LeanScreens, Unlimited PostureScreens as well as use the 3D capture (requires Structure Sensor).

  • AUTOMATIC POSTURE ASSESSMENTS PostureScreen Augmented Reality starting in PostureScreen Version on supported iOS devices on iOS15
  • UNLIMITED SquatScreen and Movement Screen Module Assessments
  • UNLIMITED LeanScreen Body Composition Assessments
  • UNLIMITED Posture Analysis both 2 views and 4 Views
  • UNLIMITED QuickScreen Assessments
  • UNLIMITED Seated Posture Assessments with SitScreen
  • UNLIMITED 3D Posture Capture (Requires 3D Structure Sensor and on iPad only)
  • UNLIMITED Comparison and Trend Analysis Reports
  • CUSTOMIZE colors for PDF reports as well as removing “PostureScreen” logo and option to replace with an additional custom logo to better fit your facility branding
  • Up to 10 iOS Devices can use all modules
  • Up to 10 iOS Devices can use UNLIMITED, no need for credits!
  • When paired with a SyncScreen Subscription unlocks use of client “Tele-Assessments” through RemoteScreen
  • $199.99USD/year or $19.99USD/month  for up to 10 iOS devices under same Apple account. The original application also needs to have been purchased under the same Apple ID as which purchased the subscription.*. Please note a Family Sharing plan will not allow for an in-app subscription to be shared with family members. Apple unfortunately mandates the subscription use the SAME Apple ID.

Video Tutorial:

To sign up, simply download the latest version of PostureScreen for iOS, and Click Upgrades, then choose your plan.  If you decide to cancel your plan, your application will return to the prior in-app modules you have purchased and utilize the remaining credits you have previously purchased when you perform screenings.

*All devices must be under the same Apple ID account. Regular rate of $19.99/month applies for month to month subscription. Augmented Reality Automatic Posture Assessments is only available on specific Apple devices, click here to learn more. A Discount is applied when you purchase the yearly subscription option. SyncScreen Cloud is excluded from PostureScreen Unlimited subscription. SyncScreen Subscription must be purchased in addition to Unlimited Subscription to allow RemoteScreen Access and client database backup and sharing between multiple devices. Note that having a subscription on iOS platform does NOT allow for use on Android Platform and vice versa. You would need to also purchase through Google Play if you wish to have a subscription on Android PostureScreen version. Android version is limited to only the 2 view Posture Assessment at this time. The modules specified above are for the iOS version of our application. Pricing is in US dollars. Please note in order to use exercise prescriptions, you will still need a WebExercises account.  For more information please browse to their website

To Get Started, watch this tutorial to learn how to easily subscribe: