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SyncScreen Automatic Upload Feature

In this tutorial we review the basics of the new update starting in version 11.4 of PostureScreen for iOS. With this new update, anytime you edit or update a client, add a client, or add an assessment to a client, they will automatically be queued for upload, making backup an automatic process.

Please note that the first time you upgrade your app to 11.4, you will see many if not all of your clients “Queued for Upload” and this is normal and expected. This doesn’t mean they are not in the cloud, it means the app is updating new parts of the update to that client for the update. Depending on your client list, the size of those files, and your internet speed, this make take a few minutes to even a few days to accomplish. The great news is that you simply continue using your app like normal.

Once the client list has uploaded to the cloud, the normal everyday function is simplified removing the need to always ‘remember’ to upload your client to the SyncScreen cloud after adding to their assessments or editing an assessment. In the below tutorial we will provide an in-depth look into the process.

Video Tutorial: