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PostureScreen Billing to Insurance

The following information is for educational purposes, we suggest that if you are going to submit to 3rd party you check with a certified billing specialist to review your documentation and claims and codes used. When and if you submit for reimbursement, we suggest a minimum 2 view postural examination or 4 view (preferred) postural examination and it also more importantly needs to be part of your existing examination. The purpose of the attached PostureScreen report would be to identify and measure objectively postural shifts and tilts for clinical correlation.  Description of procedure codes and coverage policies for therapeutic services would support that this is not a standalone service. 

This tool would be part of a examination and evaluation.  When a Physical Therapist is performing the exam it would be billed with CPT codes 97161, 97162, or 97163.  If ordered and performed by the MD then would be coded as an established patient exam using 99211, 99212, 99213.  For other healthcare professionals, please refer to your allowed billable codes. Choice of code would be dependent on level of complexity and rendering provider.   Please again check with a certified billing specialist prior to submitting any such claims to review your records and have them give you their recommendations.

Please see the attached form as an example evaluation used alongside this report.

Also please see attached evaluation form along with you would attach a PostureScreen report as part of the service.