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PostureRay – Error 20519

ERROR – 20519 

This error only appears in the Postureray software.  This means

1) that the application on this computer is not the same version as the one on your server.   You need to make sure you are downloading the right version of PostureRayNet and PostureRay software, they must be the same version OR
2) You pathed this station to the wrong database location. So you will need to remove license in the clientapp and re-activate, wait until the path appears and re-locate it to Postureraynet/data.

Here are the instructions if you used the wrong Path: 
1) Go to the computer that has the error 20519. The Postureray software should be saved under C: Program Files\Posturerco\Postureray. 
2) Inside Postureray folder you will see a file called License.txt, open it and copy  the entire activation key with the outside brackets (press on Control button and the letter C). Close window. 
3) In PostureRay folder click on Clientapp.exe using the right hand side of the mouse and click on Run as Administrator.  Click On Remove and press ok twice. 
4) Open Clientapp.exe again and this time click on Activate License, paste your activation license (Press control button down and letter V) in the field and press Activate.  
5) Wait a few minutes and a window will open up to ask you to choose where your database reside.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  Make sure you select Postureco\PostureRaynet\Data folder on the server.  AGAIN  it must be inside POSTURERAYNET / Data folder. then press OK
6) You have re-path your Postureray to the right location , Re-open PostureRay. 


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