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Movement Screen Tutorials – SquatScreen, PushUp Screen and more

SquatScreen is the dedicated application which starts with haveing ability to perform movement assessments.  SquatScreen is also an in-app upgrade within the PostureScreen and LeanScreen applications as well.

You will need to purchase the Movement Screen Module to unlock this feature if using PostureScreen or LeanScreen as your base application, it is a one time purchase per Apple ID for $19.99 (but included for FREE if you are subscribed to the UNLIMITED Assessment subscription.  

Each movement screen performed will use 1 assessment credit.  For example, if you perform a 2 view posture analysis (1 credit), and a lateral squat view assessment (1 Credit), then the app will deduct 2 credits.  If you perform a 2 view posture exam (1 credit), and 4 movement screens (4 credits), then your app will deduct a total of 5 credits.  Very inexpensive for the level of objective documentation and client education you will receive. However, again remember, all of our applications allow for a new Unlimited subscription as well. While under active subscription, it is all you can use for up to 10 iOS devices for one low price.

Please be aware, you can not delete the videos within the movement screens.  There is a very good reason for this, in that we will have comparison feature in the future, and there is no way to reload the video for the assessment.  You can delete the exam, but that will delete everything.  On simply motion captures, you can still delete the video while retaining the capture thumbnails to save space.  If you would like to save client data and offload it for future use, consider the SyncScreen as an option.

To use the new Augmented Reality Assisted Movement screens you will need to be subscribed to the Unlimited Assessment Subscription and have a supported iOS device. For more info on Augmented Reality please Click HERE

Movement Assessments Currently Include:

  • Overhead Lateral Squat Assessment
  • Overhead AP Squat Assessment
  • Overhead PA Squat Assessment
  • Single Leg Squat Assessment
  • Push-up Plank Assessment
  • Generic video capture with annotation overlay

AUTOMATIC EXERCISE SUGGESTIONS: Automatic exercise suggestions based off the movement screen analysis is available currently for only the lateral Squat and PushUp Plank.  In the near future, the Anterior and posterior exercises will also be linked.  Please Note a paid WEBEXERCISES subscription is required through their company to use exercise prescriptions.  You can learn more about WebExercises by clicking HERE

A Sample Report is also attached at the bottom of this article

How to Begin a Movement Screen

SquatScreen – LATERAL View Tutorial Video link:

You must have the client’s RIGHT side facing the camera for assessment!

Lateral SquatScreen with Augmented Reality

SquatScreen – FRONT (ANTERIOR) View Tutorial

video link:

Note that the PA view is same exact method as this presented here for the AP view. As well as the Single Leg Squat Tutorials, identical workflow and order along with similar landmarks.

Pushup-Plank Screen

video link:

Movement Screen Comparison Tutorial (requires comparison upgrade)

Video link:

Multiple Video Capture Tutorial – Speeding Up Assessments

In this tutorial we will review how to speed up your client interaction allowing for obtaining photos and multiple video captures for movement screen.

Please note that if you are just obtaining photos, you can simply do this first portion in the video, and click “Save and Finish Exam Later” as well.

Capturing the photos and videos in a short amount of time, allows you time to perform the assessment without feeling pressured to perform right in front of the client.  This is important if you are going to process a group of people at the same time for a health screening event, or if you are in a gym and have a group class evaluation.

Video tutorial:

How to Edit a Movement Screen

Regardless of what movement screen you need to edit, the process is the same.

Video tutorial: