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Lateral Lumbar Digitization – Computer Vision CBP Technique

This tutorial will show you how to digitize the lateral lumbar x-ray with Computer Vision.

The computer vision module requires a valid technical support maintenance agreement and is only available in the CBP Technique version. This computer vision artificial intelligence module interfaces with our proprietary patent pending cloud software when your x-rays are analyzed by our server, and as such, an internet connection is always required along with technical support maintenance. Always remember, as demonstrated in the tutorial video, you always as the doctor must always validated the digitization using computer vision no different then if you had another associated doctor manually mark the xrays. The computer vision only saves time, it is in no means a replacement for your clinical decision making and you the doctor must always validate all markings regardless if utilizing the computer vision modules or with associate doctors, when and if you see any mis-marked segments, it is your job to correct the anatomical location. Again this is not a replacement for clinical decision making. You must always validate the anatomical digitizations in all cases prior to making these part of your health care records for your patient.

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In this above example we demonstrate proper Computer Vision bounding box alignment. Note this step is done after any cropping of your x-ray image is performed. As noted in the video tutorial, you must include the vertebral body of L1 (not T12) and also include top of sacrum to inferior S1 and get as close as possible based on their alignment. If you make this yellow bounding box too large or include T12, this will introduce error. By keeping the bounding box as tight as possible to these landmarks, reliability and validity is drastically increased. Note you do not include the spinouses in the box, T12, nor femur heads. After you perform computer vision and check landmark locations, manually correct any points which are needed. Further, you can then manually digitize T12 as well as femur heads.

Older Manual Method for digitization tutorial is below.

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