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Is PostureScreen Cloud backup Services Tied to Apple ID?

Question: Do you need to use an Apple ID for Cloud backup service Accounts?

Answer: The short answer is no, the Cloud Backup Services account is not directly attached to an Apple ID. But there are a few things you’re touching on, so I want to explain in more detail…

First, there is your Apple ID account that you use to make purchase of apps and in-app upgrades. Each Apple account is separate from each other, including purchase history. If you have “personal” Apple ID that you’ve already purchased PostureScreen, or in-app upgrades (or any other company’s app), then your apps are forever tied to that personal Apple ID. If you want to use the apps with a new “work” Apple account you will need to purchase the apps and upgrades again. Apple sees new Apple IDs as completely separate people with their own purchases.

Second, we at PostureCo give you a Cloud backup user login. This account controls access to your stored client records. It is not tied to your Apple ID and you are free to create as many cloud logins as you need. You can open PostureScreen and go to the cloud view then tap the + sign in the upper right corner to add more cloud users.

So, the Apple ID is for buying and installing the apps and features. The cloud accounts are for access to your client’s records. Meaning yes you can move your patient data to a different Apple ID since your cloud login is not tied to the Apple ID. To access the patient data in the cloud, simply use a cloud services account login within PostureScreen.