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IP Address Change

When you get the following notification, it means that your computer’s address which PostureRay is hosted has changed. This consequently means if you are using PostureScreen or your x-ray software to “push” x-rays or PostureScreen images to PostureRay, the address in your x-ray PACS software or PostureScreen app will need to be updated. This is your network / router that has caused this change and has NOTHING to do with PostureRay. You will need to alter the settings in the other software like you did when you originally set up the push feature. PostureRay is simply warning you this change occurred which you or your IT professional or x-ray vendor must address.

An “IP Address” is essentially your computers “home address” on your network. And like your house/Apartment has a mailing address, your computer has an IP address. If it changes, just like your home, things being delivered to it will fail, just like your mail wont be delivered to your new apartment when you move unless you tell the post office where you moved to. So if your router changed your computers address, well then, software that is trying to send PostureRay x-rays will fail becuase it is sending to an old location.

Failure to update your address in those programs will lead to failure when trying to import x-ray images or PostureScreen images into your PostureRay system.

Tutorial Video Link:

If your internet address seems to change frequently, you need to consult your IT professional and ask him/her to set your networking address to always be static instead of dynamic. A Static IP Address is preferred for your computer to avoid these issues in the future.

PLEASE NOTE: Our technical support team is not able to configure the static IP address for you. The reason is that your IT professional or other software may be dependent on the current IP address, and as such we can not be responsible for breaking that connection if one exists with other software. So please check with your other software that use networking features such as possibly your EHR software. If you wish to learn how to do this for yourself, note, it is very easy to Google “How to change your IP address from dynamic to Static IP address” we however can not recommend a website directly on this topic as they are constantly changing.

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