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Credits do not sync between devices?

Many people mistakenly believe that the credits will suddenly appear on their other devices. Or if they get a new iOS device, they expect these credits (considered consumable in-app purchases by Apple) to show up and sync to their new device. This is simply not the case.  If you have multiple devices using PostureScreen mobile under the same Apple ID, you can download the app and redownload the upgraded modules for no charge, however, Apple considers the credits as “Consumables” and are specifically device specific.  This means that you must purchase credits on every device. This is NOT our policy, rather it is Apple’s on in-app purchase consumable products. You can also review details on Apple support site as well at: Given these limitations Apple imposes, is why we opted to start offering subscriptions which Apple does allow to be shared between devices, see below for more details.

Concerning credits, when you purchase credits through our application we note the limitation of being device specific and further it is also noted on our website as well as in the AppStore description. Please see screenshot below which is noted during credits purchase in our application.

 To work around this limitation, on iOS, we have created a subscription option to unlock unlimited credits and also unlock the modules for up to 10 iOS devices, see Unlimited Assessment Subscription here:

 If you have a device failure you will need to “Restore” your device from a backup on iTunes or iCloud.

Please email us if you have any further questions.