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Check Subscription Status on iOS and Refresh Your Subscription with AppStore

In this tutorial we will review how to check your current status of your subscription.

When a subscription fails, it is usually that the device has lost connection to the Apple AppStore during a renewal phase of the subscription, or there is an Apple account issue with your credit card, or your Apple ID on your device changed since the purchase of the original application.

Please note, that our company is 100% blinded to looking up any information on your account. We are a wholesaler to Apple, no different then Samsung is selling TVs to Best Buy or Walmart. With that said, the following information will be quite helpful so you can look up your subscription information.

Something to always investigate is the following: Did the Apple ID that purchased the application, is that the same account which purchased the subscription? You can use the following two Apple Support links to look up this information.

Look up Prior Purchases for an Apple Account:

View Edit or Cancel Subscriptions:

How to refresh your PostureScreen, LeanScreen, or SquatScreen application subscription once it has been verified it is valid: