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Apple and Android Devices, Do I have to purchase on both platforms?

QUESTION: Is it possible to purchase app on one platform say Android Google Play store, and then use on an iPad or vice versa?

ANSWER: Unfortunately no it is not.  As developers we have no control over sales at all, neither distribution through the respective app stores.  We can not even verify the names of clients that purchase our apps.  We are blinded to all this information. Many people do not know why, but here is the simple answer.  Apple and Google are competitors as are their platforms. 

Both Google and Apple make 30% off every single sale and in-app purchase.  They would never allow deployment of an app for no fee when it is a paid app simply because the client purchased somewhere else.  It would be like WalMart and Target working together.  Not going to happen unfortunately.

If it was up to us, it would not be a problem.  But we cant and have no influence over things.

But the good news is that you have multiple devices with the same Apple ID or Google Gmail ID, you can install the app and in-app upgrades (not credits) again without additional charges for all your devices.  Again the credits though are device specific on both platforms and must be paid for on each device.

Also please note that the Apple iPad version and what is offered on Android is not the yet the same in what is offered.  The Apple iPad version of PostureScreen Mobile has many features not yet available on the Android platform, such as exercise and Denneroll prescription through WebExercises, Movement assessments,, LeanScreen Body Composition Analysis Module, SyncScreen and RemoteScreen integration, Augmented Reality and Assisted computer vision assessments.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no method to move client data assessments from one platform to the other.