Professional Screening Displays.


In order to better serve your Spinal Screening event needs, we have teamed up with a professional graphics design and marketing firm to create a poster and pull up style tradeshow displays that you can use to promote your Spinal Screenings while out in the community.

There is no better way to draw attention to booth at your next health event than iPad related marketing material!

With PostureScreen Mobile, you can offer assistance virtually anywhere, anytime. Professionally prepared, personalized point-of-sale display materials from PostureCo will attract the attention of prospects and provide opportunities for you to explain and demonstrate the importance of proper posture—and turn prospects into profits.


Pop-up Banner display – 33″ x 78″

$395 + S&H Non-Customized

$595 + S&H Customized

Pop-up Blue Back-Drop Banner display – 57″ x 78″

$450 + S&H Non-Customized

$650 + S&H Customized

Purchase both and receive a 20% discount.

Posters (These are Customized Poster Solutions)

13” x 19”             $50 / each + S&H Customized

22” x 28”             $100 / each + S&H Customized

24” x 36”             $120 / each + S&H Customized

To Order, call or email Lisa Holmes at HomesCo, Inc. 801.355.2211