LeanScreen App – a New Patented Body Analysis iPad Application by PostureCo, Inc.

PostureCo, Inc. announces LeanScreen – a new body composition analysis iPad application. Using patent pending technology, get accurate body composition readings with the click of a shutter–no calipers, no measuring tapes, no scales.

PostureCo, Inc. ( just announced that it has submitted a new one-of-a-kind patent pending application to the iTunes App Store which can predict a person’s body composition simply from photographs.
According to CEO Dr. Joe Ferrantelli, “Our new update is extremely exciting for anyone in the health and fitness industry as this is the first app ever to simply allow a user to click points on a photograph and predict body composition. We call it LeanScreen – The Fat Analysis Photo Finish.”

Using this method of analysis, Dr. Ferrantelli goes on to state, “Using our new system, no longer will a professional have to measure manually with calipers or use a tape measure. Many software packages allow end user to manually enter the measurements that they obtained. However, what makes our patent pending technology novel is that we bypass manual methods and allow simple clicking of anatomical locations.” This leads to a body composition analysis, including Basal Metabolic Rate (BMI), Waist-to-Hip ratio, Percent Body Fat mass, Percent Lean Body Mass, as well as of course the client’s Body Mass Index (BMI). Dr. Ferrantelli notes, “In all of our testing we have found that our new method falls consistently within 3% of validated body composition tests such as water displacement and even DEXA scan estimates – truly exciting and cutting edge.”

Using LeanScreen, photographs will also document changes in body composition and results can be easily emailed securely to patient or clients. Using the exercise module, a health care professional can then prescribe exercises through the WebExercises cloud platform (

According to company spokesman, Tim Brown, LeanScreen is set to debut on the iTunes App Store within the first two weeks of October.

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