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Why do we digitize x-rays like a medical doctor?

Why does PostureRay Digitize x-rays as a patient is facing us (Medical View).

There are many reasons for this.  The most important is that when designing the product we had to make a choice, and Dr. Don Harrison and Deed Harrison felt we should always digitize x-rays as the standard, so it is in line with scientific acceptance. Early on, Dr. Deed Harrison’s idea that CBP should change and standardize this for rehab, while Dr. Joe Ferrantelli and Dr. Don Harrison chose to retain traditional chiropractic methods.  Ultimately both Dr. Ferrantelli and Don Harrison agreed with Dr. Deed Harrison that he was correct in that less mistakes clinically would occur for posture based doctors in spinal/posture coupling assessment and treatment, less confusion for patients correlating their posture pictures (which are from the front), and less confusion for collaborating medical doctors if we in CBP ‘flipped’ the x-rays to traditional medical view when analyzing.  After much resistance, Drs. Don and Joe agreed with Dr. Deed in 2001 to start teaching analysis of x-rays in this direction.

The reporting is ALWAYS done as the patient is FACING us for this reason.  This is important, as we as doctors BELIEVE that patients understand when in a report of findings that their x-ray is viewed from the back, and you show them their posture from the front.  The fact is, they don’t.  So don’t kid yourself to think that they understand this after leaving your ROF when they bring home the PostureScreen report along with the PostureRay Report.  By having them face the same direction it is less confusing to the patient.

More importantly, a seasoned CBP Structural based doctor always looks at their x-rays from the front.  This is very important, and we have taught this for many many years in CBP Seminars.  The reason is because the spinal coupling is better understood by the doctor when they can look at posture and spinal x-rays in same plane of view.  Less mistakes happen.

Next, in the age of digital x-ray, by default, x-rays always are imported as medical view (it is chiropractors that insist on changing this) thus, by keeping consistent, digitizing direction does not get introduce variable errors by doctors and staff.

The good news is for doctors that resist this, can always click a button and the viewbox, and quickview can be set by default to view using the traditional direction that chiropractors may be used to – that being the patient’s LEFT side of x-ray on the doctor’s LEFT. So never fear doctor, you can choose to still do your ROF this method.

However, for marketing purposes as we noted earlier, the reports generated will always be traditional medical direction.  Medical doctors do not understand that chiropractic doctors look at their films ‘backwards’.  Patient’s do not understand why their spinal direction subluxations do not match their posture, even when direction is noted under the x-rays.