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Which iPad to purchase??

We frequently receive inquiries about which iPad to purchase. To help you make a decision, there are a few factors to consider. Currently, in order to download and install PostureScreen, SquatScreen, or LeanScreen, you will need either an iPhone or an iPad running iOS 17 or later, with a minimum of an A12 chip or a newer model. Most iPads sold as “new” directly from Apple in 2024 will easily meet these specifications.

Firstly, it is important to note that you do not necessarily need the cellular version of the iPad unless you prefer to have constant connectivity through your mobile carrier. If you opt for the Wi-Fi only version, you can still use PostureScreen Mobile as usual. When you hit the “send email” button to share PDF documents with prospective new patients during a screening or with existing practice members in your office, the emails will be queued and sent once you have an internet connection. Based on anonymous data from our users, the majority (90%) of our clients use Wi-Fi only iPads. Remember, an internet connection is only required to validate your subscription and send emails to the patient. But you can always do this when you get back to the practice. Cellular is not required to use our application. Your device must connect to the internet while running our application only a few times per month for Apple to validate your subscription.

The next consideration is how much storage capacity you should purchase. iPads are available in various storage options. The general recommendation is to buy a device with the largest storage capacity that fits within your budget. Our apps do not have a minimum storage requirement because we offer an online storage service if needed. With the introduction of SyncScreen, our cloud backup and synchronization service for multiple devices, you can opt for a smaller storage capacity device and easily offload clients to the cloud for storage when necessary, retrieving them back to the device when you need to perform a comparison assessment. You can learn more about SyncScreen at this link:]

Currently, any iPhone or iPad running iOS 17 or newer will support our PostureScreen application. However, if you can afford an iPad with at least an M1 chip and LiDar sensor, our company may leverage this hardware in future updates. To reiterate, as of February 2024, any iPhone or iPad on iOS 17 can run the current version of PostureScreen (13.8). We believe if you are financially able, the best choice is their upper level ipad Pro as it will be supported by Apple for much longer time frame then the base model, and also not only is faster, with better processors, but also has much better cameras and even a special sensor in their camera we may develop for in the future.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at