Which iPad to purchase??

We often get the question of which iPad to purchase, and to answer it you should consider a few things.

The first is that you do NOT need the cellular version, UNLESS you wish to be always connected through your cell phone carrier.  If you purchase a Wi-Fi only version, you can use PostureScreen Mobile like normal, and when you hit “send email” to a prospective new patient at a screening or an existing practice member in your office if you didn’t have WiFi, the PDF documents will simply move into your email queue and wait for an internet connection.  Once you have an internet connection they will send.  Most of our users based on anonymous data demonstrate that WiFi only ipads are used in 90% of our clients. Remember, you ONLY need internet connection to download credits or modules from iTunes AppStore or for sending emails to patients.  If you have purchased your in-app upgrades or purchased credits, it unlocks them in the application, meaning you will not have to connect to purchase credits again until you run out.  You can also pre-purchase in lots of 100, so rest assured if you are performing a screening at an outside event without Wi-Fi internet connection, you can operate normally until you run out of credits.  This never seems to be an issue for doctors or staff.

The next question is how much size storage (disk space) do I need to purchase?  iPads come in 16gb, 32gb, 64gb, and even 128gb and 256gb models or now even up to 512gb.  The easy answer is buy as big as you can afford, there is no minimum for our apps.  

However, with the advent of SyncScreen (our cloud backup and synchronization service for multiple devices.) you can get a smaller capacity storage device, and simply offload the clients to cloud for storage when needed to save space, and then pull them back down to the device when you need to perform a comparison assessment. Learn more about SyncScreen here:

Next on to the various models.  Some of these are no longer sold by Apple.  Compatible with our application are devices that can support iOS12. Here is a list of compatible devices at the bottom of this Apple page: The best currently is obviously an iPad Pro which is by far the fastest processor and also has the best camera of any iPad.  

If you plan on using 3D with our app and the Structure Sensor, these are the devices which their 3D sensor with our application we suggest you stick with an iPad Pro.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at