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When is a credit utilized?

Assessment credits currently cost as follows on iOS. Please note credits can NOT be used with Computer Vision/Augmented Reality Assisted Assessments even if your device supports this function, you will requires an Unlimited Assessment subscription for this option.


  • 100 for $14.99USD
  • 50 for $9.99USD
  • 10 for $3.99 USD

The following is a summary at the points which a credit is utilized in the iOS version.

  • All spending is prompted before spending, if the user has the Setting enabled.
  • There is only 1 credit type for any usage; an “App Credit”

PostureScreen and SitScreen charges 1 credit

  • iPad – Tapping “Begin Posture Analysis” on the Client Info page, after taking pictures
  • iPhone – Tapping “Next” in upper right of Pictures page, after taking pictures

PostureScreen Advanced (4-view) charges 2 credits

  • When starting to digitize the Back on either the iPad or iPhone

LeanScreen charges 1 credit

  • At the end of digitizing, when the on-screen results are calculated

Movement Screenings charges 1 credit

  • When successfully importing a video (from camera or photo roll)
  • When changing the type, for example tapping “PushUpScreen”, which starts a new video editor and assessment

Video Capture charges 1 credit

  • When opening the camera to record video
  • When importing video from a file

3D Scan charges 5 credits

  • when tapping “Capture” button.

Unlimited Subscription
Also remember, under the PostureScreen Unlimited Subscription, no credits are utilized.  You have access to use app unlimited on up to 10 iOS devices under the same Apple ID for one low subscription price.  For more information please see: Unlimited Assessment subscription