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Virtual View Box

Starting in version 25 of PostureRay, while a facility is covered under an active technical support plan, they will have access to secure online backups and the virtual view box. The current version of the viewbox only support CBP technique and does not yet have all the features of the existing in-application viewbox (such as annotations). Best of all, now you can even use your iPad and even an iPhone or Android phone to view your finalized x-rays in the virtual viewbox.

If an office discontinues a support plan, they will lose access to these online PostureRay backups as well as the virtual view box. The Virtual View Box through Internet Browser and subsequent PostureRay database backup services is completely OPTIONAL and an added bonus for those under technical support maintenance plans, meaning PostureRay can still be used like normal without these features when you are off a technical support plan. This service gives you freedom of viewing x-rays in a normal view box environment securely in the cloud through your internet browser while backing up your data. If your subscription expires, you will no longer have access to these features, however, PostureRay will continue to function locally on your computer as it has always worked. NOTE: The Virtual view box functionality is not supported for Orthospinology nor CLEAR technique versions, it is only supported for the CBP Technique version. In Orthospinology and CLEAR technique versions, the online backup is the only portion which is functional, not the online viewing of x-rays.

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