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Virtual Consultation Module within PostureRay ViewBox

The Virtual Consulation Module in the view box under the “3D” button is an add on feature for better patient education.  To obtain a copy of this, since it is not our software, you will need to purchase a copy of the normal standalone Virtual Consultation from 3D Practice, see their website:

Deliver a 5 minute Report of Findings with our exciting interactive 3D graphics. The menu based interface is designed for that click and show Chiropractic patient education experience. After you have educated the patient you can now easily generate a report with the same 3D graphics. It’s a great way to generate patient referrals too. Doctors all over the world are using Virtual Consultation for presentations, professional meetings, health fairs and workshops. Virtual Consultation is currently the choice of 5 Chiropractic colleges and endorsed by some of the best and brightest minds in the Chiropractic profession. Our 3D graphics also have corresponding references.

This is an additional module that you can demo for 30 days once you install PostureRay!  After your trial, if you would like to keep the Virtual Consultation add on to PostureRay, the fee is only $395.00. If you are a current user of Virtual Consultation, we will unlock your integrated module for no fee so long as you are under normal technical support maintenance.  Video Tutorial: