Transferring App to another Account and problems with subscriptions

We are asked often about switching or transferring Apple accounts, or why a customer’s subscription is working on some devices but not on all devices. This article will explain more.

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Unfortunately there is no way to transfer ownership of an app from one Apple ID to another nor one Gmail Account to another with the case of Android sorry.  We do not handle any of this, Apple and Google do. We are simply wholesalers on the platform.

As App developers, we are blinded to any and all customer accounting and software licensing of any of our apps – all developers are.  So we have absolutely no say nor control in this aspect.  This limitation by both AppStores, means we have no control and can not transfer to a new account.

So in the case of a subscription not working, Apple will give you a warning usually that the app must be purchased in order. The staff of the office then questions how is this possible. It is possible because someone changed the Apple account on the device to apply a subscription purchased on another account, however, the base app was never purchased under that account, so there is a mismatch, essentially fraud in Apple’s eyes, between the accounts. So the solution will be decide what Apple account needs to be used, and repurchase the application under the correct account which has the subscription.

So there are two main points to remember.  The first is, you will need to repurchase the app and any in-app purchases when you change accounts. This is becuase at install, it is hard coded to the AppStore to the ID that purchased it and licensed it.  That being said, if you simply change your ID on the device, when you run out of credits or go to buy something, either AppStore will throw an error and not allow you to do so.  This is to protect against fraud.  You may need to delete the application and do a fresh clean reinstall under the new Apple ID or Gmail account after repurchase.

Before you delete the app, you MUST make sure you have backed up the app data.  We have ways of doing this if you let me know which version you had purchased (Apple iOS or Android).  If the prior patient data is not important, or you already sent to clients or uploaded into EHR, not a problem, you can delete the app and reinstall it, you will have a clean slate for a database.  You will then of course, have to repurchase any modules or in-app purchases under the new account. Please see below for steps in migrating your data if you wish to keep your data..

Further in similar manner, there is no way to transfer app purchases from Apple to Google or Google device to Apple.  They are completely different stores and different apps, and Apple and Google are both competitors as well, and even if they could share, they would not from a business stand point.


1. Backup your client data to a SyncScreen cloud or PC/Mac.

2. Cancel any subscriptions you may have with the personal Apple ID like the unlimited assessment subscription

3. Uninstall PostureScreen

4. Reset the iPad and set it up with the new Apple ID

5. Re-Purchase PostureScreen and any upgrades/subscriptions with the new Apple ID

6. Restore your data back to the iPad


You noted above, you can transfer your app data but nothing else, and we do not have control as noted above with regards to purchases.  Please watch this tutorial to understand more and realize we are simply wholesalers to Apple, meaning we do not control licensing how it relates to Apple IDs. 

If you do change your Apple ID on that device you will likely need to delete and reinstall the application or you will not be able to use subscription nor make in-app purchases because the app was not licensed to the new Apple account, which makes sense, and so you will have to delete and reinstall it or buy it under the new account.  

There are 2 ways to transfer your data from your old device to a new device.

(1.)  Our SyncScreen cloud service.  You would create a cloud account with your NEW iOS Device and then login to that new account on your OLD iOS device under SyncScreen section and upload your records to your cloud.  You would then login to your SyncScreen cloud and download your records as needed.  Here is information on SyncScreen:

(2.) Manually using a PC or Mac and iTunes App Document Sharing.  You would copy your client data from your iPad mini to a folder on your PC or Mac.  You would then install PostureScreen on your new iPad then copy the client data back to your new iPad.  Here is how that works: If using method Please pay close attention to the FILES TO MAKE SURE ARE BACKED UP section.  You will want to copy all files and folders to the PC/Mac and back to the new iPad.

**ALSO always perform an Apple iCloud Device backup under the ORIGINAL Apple Account prior to deleting or changing your Apple account as well**

Once you verify you have all your client data, go back to a device under your old account and be sure any subscriptions were unsubscribed under the OLD apple account as they will keep charging that account.  Here is how to unsubscribe if needed: As developers we do not have access to your account. If you are using an iOS device, and would like to view, edit, or cancel a subscription, here is how:

As you can see it will be a lot of work if you change Apple accounts, however it is possible, but Apple doesn’t make it easy as they are limiting people from sharing accounts, which protects against fraud, however, makes it difficult for legitimate changes like yours.