Transferring App to another Account

Unfortunately there is no way to transfer ownership of an app from one Apple ID to another nor one Gmail Account to another with the case of Android sorry.  We do not handle any of this, Apple and Google do.

As App developers, we are blinded to any and all customer accounting and software licensing of any of our apps – all developers are.  So we have absolutely no say nor control in this aspect.  This limitation by both AppStores, means we have no control and can not transfer to a new account.

So there are two main points to remember.  The first is, you will need to repurchase the app and any in-app purchases when you change accounts. This is becuase at install, it is hard coded to the AppStore to the ID that purchased it and licensed it.  That being said, if you simply change your ID on the device, when you run out of credits or go to buy something, either AppStore will throw an error and not allow you to do so.  This is to protect against fraud.  You may need to delete the application and do a fresh clean reinstall under the new Apple ID or Gmail account after repurchase.

Before you delete the app, you MUST make sure you have backed up the app data.  We have ways of doing this if you let me know which version you had purchased (Apple iOS or Android).  We can send more instructions.  If the prior patient data is not important, or you already sent to clients or uploaded into EHR, not a problem, you can delete the app and reinstall it, you will have a clean slate for a database.  You will then of course, have to repurchase any modules or in-app purchases under the new account.

Further in similar manner, there is no way to transfer app purchases from Apple to Google or Google device to Apple.  They are completely different stores and different apps, and Apple and Google are both competitors as well, and even if they could share, they would not from a business stand point.