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Spinal Screening Video for Events

Many people wish to run a looped video during a spinal screening event.  This can be easily be done.  However, you need to make sure you have a TV stand, and it is mounted in portrait “Vertical position”

Video tutorial:

You will need a special tradeshow TV stand to accomplish this.  You can buy these almost anywhere, but here is a link to a store

The TV will then need to be hooked up to a laptop computer through the VGA, HDMI or DVI video port.  You will then need to make sure to simply put on a ‘video looped’ play in the video client you choose to run the video.

Here is download link for the video:

NOTE: You may need to “Right Mouse Click” and “Save As” the link above to download and save the video to your hard drivePostureCo, Inc. can NOT support, trouble shoot, nor aid you in tradeshow setups beyond this article.