Screen Black when you attempt to take photo on iPhone/iPad

To resolve this, simply do the following:

If you attempt to take a photo and the screen is black, it means, barring the obvious that your device case is not covering the camera lens, that somewhere along the line when you installed the application you denied the operating system privileges to access the camera on the device. Meaning you blocked the app’s access by clicking NO to a prompt.

  1. Open the Device Settings (Grey Gear App)
  2. Scroll down until you “Privacy” and click Privacy
  3. Click Photos then click PostureScreen, LeanScreen, or SquatScreen which ever app you have installed
  4. Click “Allow” for add photos
  5. go back to main menu of Settings, and scroll down to PostureScreen, LeanScreen or SquatScreen and toggle on “Camera”
  6. In the same area, click on Photos and make sure “Add photos” is still allowed.

This will give the application the necessary privileges to access the camera and store the photos you take and should resolve the black screen.