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RemoteScreen check list to getting started

In the following tutorial we will review all of the basic information for all new clients to our PostureScreen application how to get started with RemoteScreen

This is what you need to get started.

  1. If you have not yet purchased, open AppStore on your iPhone or iPad and purchase “PostureScreen” (Note you can also use LeanScreen or SquatScreen base application as well as they are identical applications only differing in where they start with the initial purchase is all). You can NOT use PostureScreen on Android. Only our iOS version has these features.
  2. Once you install the application, click upgrades and subscribe to Unlimited Assessments Subscription, this is more info on that subscription
  3. Set up a SyncScreen Cloud Subscription and create an account, this is how to create and additional information:
  4. Now you need to learn how to use the PostureScreen basics, these tutorials will help get you started with using PostureScreen, LeanScreen and SquatScreen:
  5. Learn how to teach your clients/patients how to use RemoteScreen client application, set it up for them, and learn how to import remote assessments, this is how:
  6. If you wish to send exercises to your client, you will need a WebExercises account (this is not through our company).  Once your account is set up with them, link your WebExercises account by opening PostureScreen>Settings>WebExercises & EHR Integration>WebExercises> and sign in to your newly created account.  Once you do, this is how you prescribe corrective exercises to any of your clients: