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Re-download application again on same or new device.

1. I deleted application and need to re-download.again do I need to pay again?
2. I got a new device and would like to reinstall the application on new device.

On Android you will need to be utilizing the same exact Google Play account.  Once you download the application and while online, if you click upgrades, any prior one time purchase upgrades will automatically be restored.  The credits are device specific and on Android will be deleted if you erase the application or restore on another device.  This is the policy of Google and not controlled by our company.

Please note that screening credits are classified by Apple as Replenishable In-App Purchases. Thus they are items that have to be purchased separately on EACH device and cannot be downloaded again for free like the individual upgrade modules (movies, editing report module, comparison module, etc).  They must be downloaded to each device separately, regardless if sharing the same iTunes account information. For more information on this topic, please visit the  Apple Support site.  The modules and videos on the other hand, can be downloaded again for FREE without any charge.  If you simply deleted your application on an Apple device, and re-download the application, the credits will be restored.  However, on a new device, they will not be restored.  New on iOS is the Subscription Method which also will be restored using these methods below.

On the new device, if under the SAME Apple ID, you simply need to follow these step.  Simply go into upgrades and scroll to bottom and click “Restore In-App Purchases”
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