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Re-download app on Android for Free

Many people ask if they get a new device, do they have to re-purchase again.  This tutorial will walk you through this process.

If you get a new device and need to reinstall PostureScreen, you can do so again for no charge from Google for the app itself and the 1 time upgrades.  The following video will walk you through this process.  

NOTE:  You MUST use the same Google Play gmail account, otherwise you will be charged as Google will believe you are a new user.  Next, please note, posture exam credits on your other devices will not and can not be shared to this new device.  There is no mechanism for Google to allow this.  The credits are considered “Consumables” by Google, and as such as specific to each device and need to be purchased separately on each and every device.  This applies to all applications in Google Play that use credits.

Using the SAME Google Play Gmail Account, you can install the app and in-app purchases on all your Android devices for no charge beyond the initial sale.

Video link: