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Prepare for PostureRay Installation

Preparing for a PostureRay Installation / Update / Tech Support Session:

  1. Please make sure all windows computers and or server are updated, discuss with your IT professional: 
  2. Make sure a designated employee or IT representative is present to login to technical support portal at the time scheduled for your PostureCo support.  The technician will call at the phone number specified in your appointment, or main office number. They will walk through connecting to all computers needing PostureRay access based upon the purchase package of PostureRay.  If an employee / IT is not available at the scheduled time your support may be rescheduled.
  3. Designated employee or IT person for your clinic must have ALL passwords for administrative accounts for Windows available.  This includes the server computer if you have a multi-computer networked installation of PostureRay. All computers having or needing Postureray should be logged on to Windows as an Administrator prior to connecting to Postureray support.  If account information is not available your support may be rescheduled.
  4. IMPORTANT: Please make sure your office administrator or IT Professional prepares the computers for PostureCo servicing before the scheduled appointment.  This means all Windows pending updates MUST BE finished and the PC rebooted before your technical support session.
  5. If you’re installing PostureRay on a Network installation, your IT Professional / Administrator needs to have ALL computers which will have PostureRay installed set to “Private” network and ALL PCs must be on the same network or domain.  Domain mismatches or other connectivity issues between needed devices will result in your support being rescheduled. NOTE for Client IT: All devices should be accessible via UNC path, NOT mapped drives or IP address.
  6. At the time of your appointment, an employee or IT representative must log in to the PostureCo technical Support portal on each computer that needs to be addressed.  If an existing PostureRay client, each PostureRay computer should have a PostureCo Support icon on the desktop. Launch it and connect. If a new client or support icon is missing, PostureCo Support team members will walk you through a connection to each needed device.
  7. IMPORTANT: Your designated employee / IT representative MUST remain available to PostureCo Support for the duration of your support session.   
  8. PLEASE make sure your ENTIRE team knows we may be calling.  If they are unaware of the scheduled appointment or otherwise unprepared, this may drastically delay getting your office serviced or lead to a rescheduled appointment. 
  9. If you have a very large clinic and / or the computers are in use and the technician can not access to install / upgrade, the technician may be forced to schedule a follow up day for support.
  10. There will be no training with new installations.  Your office will be scheduled for their first training on another day and time.  We have all the training videos searchable in our help desk if you would like to start reviewing.
  11. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at