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PostureScreen: Advanced 4 View Evaluation – Posture Analysis

The advanced 4 view evaluation incorporates additional posterior view and the left lateral view photographs and is intended for more clinical application.  It is not suggested that you use this for report for patient education, rather, it is for more advanced clinical documentation and health care records for the professional.  Again this report is not to be sent to clients as it is NOT meant for education like the two view report.

The posterior view evaluation will allow for digitizing approximate levels of on the spine as well as the torso for documentation of spinal displacements which may be independent of the torso itself, for example in moderate to severe scoliotic curvatures.

In addition, the lateral views are also averaged to find the overall linear displacements for greater validity.

Further we have also added angular displacements, comparing the region or segment, to that below.
Comments and notes added to the case will also be reported in the advanced documentation.

Recently Updated Measurements Included, Cranio-vertebral Angle (CVA), Skull Flexion Extension Angle (Sometimes referred to as gaze angle), Thoracic Kyphosis, PSIS>ASIS relative to horizontal, Q-Angle, and Pronation Supination of foot/ankle.  You must turn on these advanced measurements in Settings of the application.

Each Assessment will use the credit/token in-app upgrades, unless you are currently on the new subscription offering, which unlocks all modules and unlimited use for up to 10 iOS devices.

This is an example walkthrough of an initial examination on the iPad using Augmented Reality Assistance. Please note not all devices are support, please click HERE to learn requirements to use this updated method.

A Sample 4 view report is attached below.

4 View Advanced Augmented Reality Posture Assessment Tutorial Link:

The following tutorial demonstrates how to turn on the advanced 4 view extra assessments points using the manual digitization process when a user is not under an Unlimited Subscription. Tutorial Link:

4 View Advanced Posture Assessment with Manual Digitization