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PostureRay version 23

  • Lateral Stitching:
    • Lateral Cervical + Lateral Thoracic + Lateral Lumbar
    • Lateral Thoracic + Lateral Lumbar
  • Anterior Stitching:
    • Anterior Cervical + Anterior Thoracic + Anterior Lumbar
    • Anterior Cervical + Anterior Thoracic + Modified Fergusson
    • APOM+ Anterior Thoracic + Anterior Lumbar
    • APOM + Anterior Thoracic + Modified Fergusson
    • Anterior Cervical + Anterior Lumbar
    • Anterior Cervical + Modified Fergusson
    • Anterior Thoracic + Anterior Lumbar
    • Anterior Thoracic + Modified Fergusson
  • Scoliosis Stitching:
    • Cervical Scoliosis+ Thoracic Scoliosis + Lumbar Scoliosis
    • Cervical Scoliosis + Thoracic Scoliosis + Modified Fergusson Scoliosis
    • Cervical Scoliosis + Lumbar Scoliosis
    • Cervical Scoliosis + Modified Fergusson Scoliosis
    • Thoracic Scoliosis + Lumbar Scoliosis
    • Thoracic Scoliosis + Modified Fergusson Scoliosis
  • Mixed Anterior/Scoliosis Stitching:
    • Anterior Cervical + Thoracic Scoliosis + Lumbar Scoliosis
    • Anterior Cervical + Thoracic Scoliosis + Modified Fergusson Scoliosis
    • APOM+ Thoracic Scoliosis + Lumbar Scoliosis
    • APOM + Thoracic Scoliosis + Modified Fergusson Scoliosis
    • Anterior Cervical + Lumbar Scoliosis
    • Anterior Cervical + Modified Fergusson Scoliosis
  • Stitching module is only currently available for the CBP technique Module
  • Currently you can not stitch a 2 view Lateral Cervico-Thoracic + Thoraco-Lumbar, but will be added in a future version.
  • Video link:

Multiple fixes and improvements:

Added S1 post-tangent option for line-drawing in System Setup form

Evaluation form:

  • Touch-up saving exception fixed
  • Touch-up button tool-tips hidden after leaving button
  • LCN SK default not checked in setup form will leave SK unchecked initially.
  • AP Thoracic and Fullspine: apex list box: made background red when no apices so that new users will notice it more.
  • L6 checked and S1 digitization started. Display message: “L6 has been added for digitization. However, S1 has been digitized. Please make sure that S1 markers aren’t on the L6 vertebra.”
  • Scoliosis pane: more messages to help user
  • Lateral Fullspine digitization: SK may be checked only if C1 is checked.
  • Gender label in the Client Pane was black instead of blue.
  • Some views such as AP Cervical apex wasn’t being changed.

Patient Report: for Lateral fullspine with the three lateral sectionals present, if from stitching, still show the Lateral Fullspine page
Impression report:

  • For AP Full non-scoliosis with four curves or more: the assessment was overflowing the bottom of the assessment text box.
  • Lateral Lumbar new table layout for assessment.
  • If Lateral Fullspine is stitched and we have the Lateral Sectionals, show a separate Lateral Fullspine page with the three tables.
  • added an option for Lateral Full line-drawing

Instability Lumbar Report: assessment introduction typos fixed
Patient Comparative Report:

  • AP Full non-scoliosis different apices: the two side-by-side tables were sometimes over-written at the bottom by the global table.
  • Assessment text fixed for better fitting of 2 and 3 curve assessments.
  • Cover page now has Evaluation and X-ray dates for Initial and Follow-up studies.

Impression comparative Report: 
– Lateral Lumbar to Lateral Fullspine: If one was L5-S1 and the other was L5-L6 and L6-S1, there was a problem in the instability summary table.
Travel Sheet:

  • Text for AP Full: fixed text for apex 5 and 6.
  • Don’t exceed the 25 lines of text with wrap-around
  • : last name quirk fixed

AP Fullspine: made normal line end at level of top vertebra
Patient Report template form: if the user checks “Page Number” or “Page Header” and the “Page Frame” isn’t checked, display a warning.
DMX form: If DMX folder wasn’t drilled down to the level of the DMX file and the DMX File did drill down, an exception was produced. This has been fixed.
LC Fullspine: If C7 not present, don’t try to calculate the C2-C7 posterior tangent angle
Export Evaluation Image form: First Name label in the selection tab was black instead of blue
LC ext/flex/-Tz/+Tz: C0-C1 Chamberlain to APL direction calculated and sign of the result now reflects the direction

CLEAR method:
– QD added for Nasium, AP Thoracic and AP Lumbar
– QD added for LCN, AP Cervical, AP Thoracic and AP Lumbar
– For LCN, there was a QD under another name: When all vertebrae was unchecked (initially) only the S-Line markers were digitized. QD checkbox replaced.
– For AP Lumbar initially FH only was checked. This has been removed and when QD checked, we digitized the two vertical markers and two FH markers.