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PostureRay version 22

  • New CBP Lateral Lumbar Predicted normal based on Pelvic Incidence 
  • NEW Report Branding – Change colors of reports and edit logo position
  • New Normal Line thickness Change Selector
  • New option to allow reports to flip x-rays back to Chiropractic View (Left on your reading Left)
  • New Annotation Tools Added: Line Bisection, Draw angle and distance to horizontal or Vertical
  • AP and Lateral Fullspine x-rays are maximized now much and much larger in Patient and Impression Reports for better viewing when printed.
  • Fixes to Digitization Auto-scrolling.
  • ViewBox resizing is now available
  • Warnings if Duplicate name exists in database, to avoid staff from creating multiple accounts for the same patient
  • Optional Digitization Cursor
  • Multiple new additional references to Impression report for better documentation
  • On AP Fullspine, C2-C7 are now optional
  • Ap Fullspine – added HB angle
  • X-Rays Maximized in patient ROF report for AP and Lateral Fullspine
  • Added endplate AMA guides lines and highlighting to Lateral Thoracic analysis
  • Highlighting of lateral lumbar sacral base if S1 to Horizontal < 33 or >= 45 degrees
  • CBP Ideal Values now listed in the View Results Screen in Parenthesis in evaluation form
  • Multiple bug fixes and enhancements to user interface

New CBP Lateral Lumbar Predicted normal based on Pelvic Incidence
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New Branding Color Controls for Reports
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New Normal Line thickness Change Selector & Alternate Cursor
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AP and Lateral Fullspine x-rays are maximized
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